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Photo of how runes are generally kept. Retrieved from https://foreverconscious.com/discover-rune-message

We finished the alphabet last week, so we have all the runes and their meanings.

Now we can learn how to put them together.

There are a few things to know before you begin reading runes and putting them together. 

One of these being the space you read them in. You need a clear space, preferably one without any negative energy. It is recommended that you read cards on a clear area, like a table or inside of a tray covered with a napkin. 

Generally runes are written on small rocks, kept in a bag for convenient use. 

When doing a reading, you can gauge how the reading will go just by looking at the first rune. 

There are multiple types of readings, generally they range depending on the amount of runes you use. You can use three or nine runes just laid out, or you can form different shapes, like a compass or the world tree. 

From the bag you pick out the runes randomly and then toss them on the cleared space. You read them the way they land, upright or reversed. 

You begin by reading the runes that fell with the rune face up. Then you flip over the runes that landed face down. Those are your guides for the future. See if there are any groups of threes, and those will point to what will happen next. 

There is also just the simple way of choosing three runes, laying them out in the upright position and seeing what life is going to bring you. 

There are different types of spreads that you can read as well, all of which have different meanings, but can be used for readings as well.

Reading them is one thing, using them for divination is another. 

There are different ways to use runic magic. One of which is choosing one to three runes that suit your purpose. Once you choose your runes, place them on a clear space, perhaps where you do your readings. 

Then you sit still or stand still, and relax, envision a clear space that blesses the runes you have. Visualize your purpose, the reason why you chose these runes, and breathe. When you finish, thank the gods, whomever you pray to.

Your spell will not work right away. You have to give it time and have patience. Runic magic is done to better your life over time. 

That wraps up our rune series. From the alphabet to reading them. You now have everything at your disposal to read runes and use them to help you better your life. I wish you luck on your journey. 


Runes, Your Personal Guide

By: Jan Budkowski

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