Changing the Human Experience at Lynchburg

By: Zach Bennett ~ Guest Writer

The University of Lynchburg will implement an new undergraduate course, Introduction to Applied and Public Humanities for the upcoming 2022 fall semester. 

The implementation of this course is in efforts to better develop a well rounded humanities graduate from the University.

APH100W: Introduction to Applied and Public Humanities will be the first course within the new Applied and Public Humanities minor, with APH200: Digital Humanities to be offered in the spring semester.

This minor will contribute to the already existing list of 51 undergraduate majors and 62 minors offered by the University. 


Beloved Accounting Professor Retires

Photo retrieved from H. Francis Bush, PhD, CPA – University of Lynchburg on May 3, 2022. Bush will be retiring at the end of this semester from the University of Lynchburg 

William Masselli ~ Editor-in-Chief

On May 17, Dr. Howard Francis  Bush, Chair of the Accounting Department, will retire from the University of Lynchburg. 

He earned his Master of Accountancy degree from Ohio State University, and he earned his Doctor of Philosophy-Business Administration degree from the University of Florida

“From the start, I was asked about Lynchburg relative to my experience at other schools.  I would always respond with a question about which was better – steak or an ice cream sundae.  Lynchburg would be and has been the finale to my career, bringing forth more challenges to be faced.” Bush said,  “Lynchburg provided an opportunity to teach upper-level courses again, MBA courses, online courses, and yes even hybrid courses in a mask.  I have had minor administrative duties and have gained many insights in University life.  But dessert is still part of the meal.  So as in every one of my teaching experiences it always comes back to the student.  They bring energy to the classroom and other learning environments and I must return it in kind.” 

Besides being an accounting professor, Bush is also an avid supporter of  campus clubs and organizations.


 Opera Students Shed Light on Social Issues

Kelsey Spicker ~ Guest Writer

Sydnor Performance Hall is located inside Schewel Hall. Photo retrieved from University of Lynchburg website.

On Sunday, May 8 at 7:30 p.m., the University of Lynchburg opera workshop students will perform a spring concert in Sydnor Performance Hall , located in Schewel Hall.

In their final concert of the semester, the students will present an operetta titled “Remove Shoes Before Entering,” which tells the perspectives of many college students that are faced with different social issues. 

This performance is expected to last for about an hour, and it will include a mixture of opera and musical theater pieces.

Sophomore opera student, Naomi Watkins, explains the theme behind the performance’s title. 


CSA’s  Electric Game Night

William Masselli ~ Editor-in-Chief

Photo: Photo taken by William Masselli on April 22, 2022. CSA President Lillian Smith is entertaining her guests and ensuring they all have a good time. 

On April 22, the University of Lynchburg’s Commuter Student Association (CSA) hosted an end of semester game night at the Commuter Student Center

The event had an electric atmosphere due to the wide variety of video games, snacks, the ability to win prizes, and the large number of people at the event.

Commuter Student Association President Lillian Smith co-hosted this event with Hannah Belyachi, the president of the eSports Club. 


Design-A-Thon Day

\\Willaim Masselli ~ Editor-In-Chief

Photo from Professor Ursula Bryant taken on April 28, 2022. The University of Lynchburg’s graphic designers are working together in Schewel Room 111 to work for real life companies. 

On April 27, 2022, Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Ursula Bryant hosted a Design-a-thon, where many graphic design majors completed projects for local companies. 

Bryant said, “This event was a really great outreach opportunity for students to work for real life clients. It is very satisfying for our students to complete work for nonprofits, the University community organizations, and small local businesses.”

Caroline Gerke, a senior graphic designer, said, “I am working for Dive into the Hive. I am working on logos and brochures for this organization. The details of this organization include that the University of Lynchburg Student Development is launching a summer program, Dive into the Hive, which are early engagement opportunities for the incoming first year students. There are six types of programs in this organization. It would be great to get a brand or logo for the overall program and then a brochure that can be distributed in Enrollment or mailed out with orientation materials.” 


Hawan celebrated at Lynchburg

By Jyoti Aggarwal and Dr. Steve Dawson

On Thursday, April 26, a group of students, faculty, and staff celebrated the Hindu religious ceremony known as a hawan at the Pavillion. 

Often  referred to as a fire ceremony, a hawan is a ritual in which offerings are sacrificed by casting them into a consecrated fire. 

While individual hawan can take different forms, most hawan begin with ritual purification (washing of hands), kindling and consecrating the fire, invoking one or more gods, and making offerings. 

Prayers and mantras are chanted throughout. At the end, prasad (food that has been blessed by the gods) is shared together.


Concert Choir to Host Spring Concert

Ameliah Knopp ~ Social Media Manager

The University of Lynchburg Concert Choir performs at the President’s inauguration on October 1, 2021, retrieved from The News and Advance

The University of Lynchburg Concert Choir is hosting its final concert of the semester on April 29th at 7:30 p.m. in Snidow Chapel.

This concert will be the last time for the many seniors in the program to sing in the ensemble ahead of commencement in May.

According to the Choir’s website, “the choir prepares and performs various choral literature from the medieval to 20th century,” and during this finale, they will sing selections from Ola Gjeilo and Andrea Ramsey.

Senior, Savannah Turner said, “My favorite part about being in the choir is being able to share my love for music with the campus community and building relationships with those who share an interest in the performing arts!”


Dell Beach Days

William Masselli ~ Editor-in-Chief

Photo: Photo taken by William Masselli on April 22, 2022. The University of Lynchburg Students are enjoying the food, games, and other festivities during Dell Beach Days. 

The University of Lynchburg’s Dean of Students Office has been hosting Dell Beach Days once per week this month to enhance festivities for Lynchburg students around campus. 

Vice President for Student Development Eric T. Baldwin initiated the program. 

Baldwin said, “I love looking out on the Dell and seeing folks walking by. What inspired me to suggest Dell Beach was an experience at another campus where I worked for a number of years. On that campus, there was a residence hall on the lawn and the corner room on the third floor was always the residence of ‘DJ DeSmet’ (the name of the residence hall was DeSmet). Every day the DJ would play music from 12:00 pm -4:00 pm and students, faculty, and staff would gather on the lawn and hangout — eat lunch and sometimes have meetings. I wanted  to see if we could begin a tradition like that. Ideally, I would love to have students serve as the DJ for Dell Beach and maybe have guest DJs with requested playlists. There is a lot of potential, I just want students to make it what they want.” 


Earth Day Junk Drive

William Masselli ~ Editor-in-Chief

Photo retrieved from Jeana Burdge on April 23, 2022. Jeana Burdge, the President of Lynchburg’s Environmental Sustainability Society, is proud that her junk drive on Earth Day made a difference. 

On April 22, 2022, Earth Day, the University of Lynchburg’s Environmental Sustainability Society (LESS) held a junk drive to reduce the amount of waste on campus. 

President of LESS Jeana Burdge said, “The Junk Drive was very successful. We had both students and faculty bring in clothing, chargers, jewelry, school supplies, shoes, and a variety of other items. This was our first junk drive event and I believe that it was a success because we received various items that we could then donate to our community.” 

Burdge explained, “LESS holds recycling tables every other Thursday to limit the amount of recyclables that would have been thrown away. We will soon be having an event that shows students how much plastic they produce within our campus community. We hope to provide students with reusable water bottles to limit the use of harmful throw away bottles.” 


New SGA Leaders

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

Claire King

Claire King, Caitlynn Freece, and Tanner Wynne were the successful candidates from the 2022-2023 Student Government Association elections. They will hold the positions of  SGA President, Vice President of Internal Affairs, and Vice President of External Affairs respectively.

These rising leaders have served the campus and their community in several ways before being elected to their positions in SGA. Both King and Freece have served on SGA and Tanner Wynne is currently the president of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. 

Wayne stated, “For me, I ran for this position in SGA because I feel as though student-led organizations have declined greatly after COVID and student’s are not getting the most out of campus by just going through the motions. I feel that students aren’t aware of the vast amount and variety of organizations that are present on campus that can give them great experiences and opportunities for personal, professional, and social growth. There truly is something at Lynchburg for everyone. As the next Vice President of External Affairs, I hope to get students more involved and enjoy their Lynchburg experience by creating the campus they want to be a part of.”


How to win? Get on base!

Chris Jennings ~ Assistant Copy Editor

When thinking about the sport of softball most people would presume that in order to win a game the team must score runs. This statement itself is true but the question then becomes how to score runs? The answer to scoring runs is to get on base. The OBP, on-base percentage, statistic is one of the most valuable statistics in sports because it can be a direct causation to winning games. If you have a higher percentage of getting on base then your team has a higher chance of winning the game.

The University of Lynchburg’s Softball Team has experienced some very good games so far this year including multiple wins over ranked opponents as well as disappointing losses to conference foes. 

Freshman Pitcher Kailey Dorcsis says, “So far this year when we are the most successful is when we score lots of runs and our bats are making good contact.”


Building a Better Greek Life

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

The Greek Life population at the University of Lynchburg has dwindled in numbers over the past two semesters. The decrease in recent numbers is posing a threat to Greek housing.

On Sunday, April 10, the fraternities Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Sigma Nu congregated for a grand chapter of the Interfraternal Council in an attempt to find possible solutions..

“I’m really glad that the three fraternities were able to gather this weekend to talk about some of the issues that we’ve been facing. Though this meeting was long overdue, it shows the growth that we have made as an IFC. Four years ago, a meeting like this would’ve never happened. The mindset was completely different amongst the three fraternities on this campus, and it would’ve been next to impossible for everyone to come together under one common ground in order to address issues that we have been facing. I’m stoked at the amount of productivity and positive response that came from this meeting and I’m very excited to see how we follow through on the goals that we set in order to build IFC back up,” said Andrew Williams, president of Sigma Phi Epsilon at the university.

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