Lynchburg Men’s Basketball begins 2021-22 season

The Hornets will travel to Fayetteville, NC to play Methodist in the season-opener

By Samuel Graham ~ Guest Writer

Tharon Suggs (0), Dow Dunton (11) and Noah Bullock (14) meet on the floor during a 2021 game.
Suggs led the Hornets in scoring last season, averaging 16.9 points per game.
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Lynchburg Men’s Basketball will open its 2021-22 season this Sunday as it travels to Fayetteville, North Carolina to take on Methodist.

Lynchburg defeated the monarchs 78-65 to start last year’s campaign before going on to finish with an overall record of 6-4 and a runner-up finish in the 2021 ODAC tournament.


Lynchburg Exam Resources

by Andrew Watson ~ Guest Writer

The Knight-Capron Library, Photo courtesy of

As final exams are on the mind of every student at the University of Lynchburg, the resources available to them are gearing up for one final push for the fall semester. 

Although they are abundant, many students are not sure of all the resources that are available to them; these include Peer Assisted Supplemental Study, Alton L. Wilmer Writing Center, and the Knight-Capron Library. Each of which offers assistance to the students. 

First, PASS offers students the opportunity to receive assisted supplemented study on many different subjects that the university offers. These vary from subjects within The Lynchburg College of Arts and Sciences to the College of Business (Retrieved from


L.E.S.S. Sustainability Fair

By Ameliah Knopp ~ Social Media Manager

Hailie Kovitch, Lauren Litsinger, and Liza Jane Ness of L.E.S.S. show off some of the items at the Sustainability Fair. Photo taken by Ameliah Knopp.

A newly recognized club is already making a splash on campus. L.E.S.S. (Lynchburg Environmental Sustainability Society) hosted a sustainability fair on the Dell this past Thursday, Nov. 4th. 

The fair included pop-up shops from vendors such as Gilded, Fisheye Threads, Lynchburg Grows, Not Dead Yet Vintage, and Burg Beer Gardens, the event had a substantial turnout to support these local businesses by purchasing their sustainable goods. 

Hailie Kovitch, the secretary for L.E.S.S, said that they “wanted to bring awareness to students that shopping through small businesses is way better for the environment than Amazon or fast-fashion.” 

In conjunction with the pop-up shops, L.E.S.S. also created and displayed posters to educate students on topics such as gardening and second-hand clothing. 


Alpha Chi Omega – Finally Formal!

 By Aly Haslet ~ Guest Writer

Two sisters of Alpha Chi Omega chapter at the University of Lynchburg at formal. Photo taken by Hailie Kovitch

On Nov. 6, the Alpha Chi Omega chapter at the University of Lynchburg hosted its first annual fall formal in over a year. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has curtailed Greek life organizations at the university and they have not been able to host social events until this fall. 

Vice President of Risk Management Jenna Richards for Alpha Chi Omega, said, “The most challenging part was definitely getting everything set up. It took much longer than expected, especially since we never had experienced formal due to COVID.” 

After a substantial pause in social events for everyone on the University of Lynchburg’s campus, the sisters of Alpha Chi and their guests were able to enjoy the formal. 


Pass Leader Appreciation

By Alyssa Wilson ~ Assistant Editor

Photo depicting three students smiling around a table. Retrieved from 

The University of Lynchburg’s Peer Assisted Supplemental Study (PASS) program 

has been helping the student body for over 20 years. 

The program was first created by Neil Summerland and has made leaps and bounds in the years since its creation. 

What makes the PASS program different from other tutoring programs is that PASS leaders are sitting in on the classes they PASS for, so that they are receiving the same information as their students and are able to help them better understand the material. 


Lynchburg Hosts Annual Law School Fair

By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Photo provided by Eleanor Marindin, a graduate assistant at the Career and Professionalism Center, on Nov. 3, 2021. Jeremy Pratt, a law student at Ohio Northern University, is letting University of Lynchburg Students know the opportunities that await them at Ohio Northern University. 

On Nov. 2, 2021, the University of Lynchburg hosted its law school fair, an event which gave all undergraduate students the opportunity to meet different people who work in admissions for premier law schools in the nation, such as Washington and Lee University, and University of Richmond

At the fair, experts from admissions at law schools around the country, and the Career and Professionalism Center from University of Lynchburg were able to give advice for those interested in possibly attending law school in the future or learn more about law school. 

Executive Director of the Career and Professionalism Center at the University of Lynchburg, Beverly Reid said the university hosts the law school fair every year on Election Day, and this year was a huge success.Gwen Mills, an administrative assistant in the Career and Professionalism Center, added “Election Day is always a good day because it coincides with the event.” 


Finals In Full Gear

By Aly Haslet ~ Guest Writer

(Photo via the University of Lynchburg’s Undergraduate page) 

At the University of Lynchburg, finals week is fast approaching. 

During the week of Nov. 17th  to the 23rd students at the University will take their final exams. 

After spending a semester back in person in the classroom setting, students are met with how to best prepare for and take their final exams as the daunting week approaches. 

Many students have different study techniques and learning styles, making it important to find what works best for them as final exams approach. 


The End of a Legacy 

By Hunter Epperson ~ Copy Desk Chief

“I think the most important part of my job is to inspire students to ask questions and give them the tools to answer those questions.” – Dr. Jorgensen-Earp 

Photo of Dr.Cheryl Jorgensen-Earp. Photo retrieved from Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen-Earp on Nov. 9. 

After 30 years of teaching at the University of Lynchburg, Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen-Earp (known as “Dr. J-E”) will officially “hang up her tassel” and retire at the end of the semester.

Jorgensen-Earp joined the Communication Studies department in 1993, and is known for her passion for teaching Communication Law and Ethics, Visual Rhetoric, Advanced Theory/Senior Thesis, and leading study abroad programs to Great Britain. 

As she enters retirement, Jorgensen-Earp said, “ I hope to continue to research and write and to finish a book project on Winston Churchill and his interplay with the British Women’s Suffrage Movement. […] We hope to travel, but do not know when due to COVID. That is up in the air. For me, back to England, and so many places to see. We have a nice long list. My husband wants to go to the wine country of France. We also enjoy traveling around America such as New Orleans, Seattle, San Francisco, and New England.” 


Winding Down for Winter Break

By Aly Haslet ~ Guest Writer

(Photo via the University of Lynchburg Instagram) 

As classes are coming to a halt, students at the University of Lynchburg are ready and preparing for an extended winter break from Nov. 24, 2021, through Jan. 23, 2022.

For many students on campus at the University the break is a time in which they are able to work, spend time with loved ones, as well as decompress from the previous semester. 

By exercising, reading, and taking time to do things they enjoy, students are able to use their time to recuperate after finals and help prepare themselves for the coming semester.

For senior Chloe Meyers, she plans on using this extended break to apply to grad school and taking time for personal care. She said, “I plan on going to the gym, now that they are back open from COVID, hanging out with my friends… and just spending time with my family.” 


Hoping to Field an NCAA Tournament Bid

 By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Photo retrieved from on Nov. 7, 2021. Jackie Lerro scores a goal while facing off against Bridgewater goalkeeper and player in the quarterfinals.

The University of Lynchburg Women’s Field Hockey team lost to nationally ranked Washington and Lee in the ODAC championship game, but the team can still qualify for the NCAA tournament; however, but not with an automatic bid. 

The team enjoyed a successful tournament by beating Bridgewater 3-0 through Jackie Lerro’s hat trick in the quarterfinals and avenging their regular season loss to Shenandoah by beating Shenandoah 3-1 in the semifinals.

Despite the team experiencing a successful regular season and conference postseason, some impressive streaks were snapped this year. 

In the regular season, the loss to Washington and Lee snapped Lynchburg’s 32 game conference winning streak. 


Matthew Gillett Named 2021-22 Sommerville Scholar

By Alyssa Wilson ~ Assistant Editor

2021-22 Sommerville Scholar Matthew Gillett ’22 (second from left) is pictured with Sommerville finalists (left to right) Rebecca Parks ’22, Rachel Garnett ’22, and
Niraly Patel ’22. Not pictured, Mallory Yowell ’22. Photo retrieved from on Nov. 2 2021.

Every year a prestigious award, the Sommerville Scholar Award, is given to one senior who has exemplified the University of Lynchburg’s ideals in their four years at the University, chosen by a committee of faculty members: Jeanne Booth, Lindsay Pieper, Christine Terry, and Paul McClure.

This award’s namesake is named after Richard Clark Sommerville who was a professor of a variety of different disciplines at the university for 20 years. 


Brown Edward’s Office Visit for Accounting Majors

By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Dr. Francis H. Bush is chair of the University of Lynchburg’s Accounting Department and was in charge of organizing the Brown Edward’s Office Visit. Photo retrieved from H. Francis Bush, PhD, CPA – University of Lynchburg on Oct. 31, 2021. 

The University of Lynchburg’s Accounting Department scheduled an office visit with Brown Edwards to give its students a chance to see accounting concepts occurring in action. 

Madeline Corbett, a double major in business and accounting, talked about the benefits of students attending this visit, stating, “Before the Brown Edwards’ visit, I mainly looked at accounting mostly through books, but this gave me an opportunity to view accounting happening in the real world.” 

Kevin Arrington, an associate professor of accounting at the University of Lynchburg, said, “Brown Edwards (BE) is one of the largest regional accounting firms in the Lynchburg area, and a visit to BE offers students the opportunity to see the workplace and, most importantly, ask questions to the staff accountants and managers/partners. Public accounting is a desirable first job for accounting graduates, and conversations at site visits can lead to internship and/or employment opportunities.”


Center for Global Education Announces Potential Trip for Summer 2022

By Alla Daniel ~ Guest Writer

For summer 2022 the University of Lynchburg will be offering international study abroad trips for the first time in two years due to COVID-19. 

Iceland will be one of the many trips that the University is offering to students.

Professor of International Relations and Political Science, Dr. Marek Payerhin said, “Every student in just about every major is likely to find something of interest there.”

Payerhin continued, “If you are the adventurous type, we will be traveling all around the Island, literally, with many stops along the way but that’s the plan for now.”

 Payerhin will be the lead faculty member taking students to Iceland. 

Students will have the opportunity to learn about climate change on the environment, society, and politics of Iceland.

Director of the Center for Global Education, Declan Pratt said, “Hopefully we can do it, and hopefully we can make it affordable.” 

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