Doggies on The Dell

The Fight For Graduation

By Hunter Epperson, Em Maxey, William Masselli

Students and alumni at the University of Lynchburg are petitioning to keep graduation on the Dell instead of Shellenberger Field, where it was held in spring 2021. 

Senior Grace Ball, an international relations major, is leading a petition to move graduation from Shellenberger Field to the Dell. 

Ball said, “The petition, ‘Keep the University of Lynchburg’s Graduation on The Dell’ was made to express the student body’s desire to keep the graduation ceremony on the beloved Dell. We created a petition to unify our voices and present our anger and sadness at the change of venue.” 

The petition, as of Monday, Sept. 13, had 250 signatures. 


Parents and Family Weekend 2021

By Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

A super old image of Parents and Family Weekend. Image from

This weekend, the University of Lynchburg will host 2021’s Parents and Family Weekend, from  Sept. 17-19. The calendar includes a bevy of events and opportunities for families to socialize and enjoy the university’s environment and culture.

However, with the increasing COVID cases, there have been many changes to the original schedule.


Hawan On The Dell 

By Jyoti Aggarwal, Steve Dawson, and Nidhi Aggarwal ~ Guest Writers

Priests performing the hawan by adding ghee in the fire and saying Sanskrit mantras.

Students at the University of Lynchburg on Sept. 2, celebrated the Hindu religious ceremony known as a hawan. 

A hawan, sometimes referred to as a fire ceremony, is a ritual in which offerings are sacrificed in a consecrated fire. 

While hawan can take different forms, the ritual process typically involves kindling and consecrating the fire, invoking one or more gods, and making offerings. Prayers and mantras are chanted throughout the ritual. 

While hawans can be offered for a variety of occasions or intentions, in all cases they bring purification and transformation to the individual and the environment. 

The intention of this hawan was to purify the campus environment and promote peace and blessings for all students at the beginning of the academic year.


Flicking on Home

By Chistopher Jennings ~ Assistant Editor

Image From:

After a couple weeks out on the road for the University of Lynchburg’s women’s field hockey team will be able to return to the Hill City to play in a familiar setting. The nationally ranked team started the season with four challenging teams that are all NCAA tournament hopeful schools. The Hornets came away with a 1-3 record over the past 10 days including giving two top-10 teams in the country a run for their money. 

Graduate Student Emily Dudley says, “I am excited that we played these games early in the season. It gives us a chance to play good teams and use it as a benchmark to see where we are.”

The Hornets have one of the most challenging schedules in the country that will last all season long with multiple ranked teams as well as the vigorous schedule that is the ODAC.


Crossing Finish Lines for Championships

By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief
The University of Lynchburg Men’s Cross Country Team looks forward to competing for their first Cross Country ODAC Championship since the 2012 season.

The University of Lynchburg Men’s Cross Country Team finished in fourth place at the Virginia Tech Alumni Invitational

The team’s success is based on everyone’s willingness to work collectively to win the team’s first Cross Country ODAC championship since 2012. 

Head Coach Jake Reed said, “Our focus is on the team and Frank is all in with that. We are blessed to have some really strong frontrunners with Frank Csorba and Max Sparks, both of whom have the opportunity to be two really low sticks for us at nationals. I also look for a couple other guys to emerge as big players. Our front group works really well together so we don’t need to do much specifically different for Max or Frank. We will work more on getting out and being in good positioning as that was something that Max struggled with at the 2019 National meet. Having a teammate to feed off of this year will make that much easier.” 

Reed continued, “I wouldn’t say our hopes are in Frank winning a national title. This is definitely not an expectation of mine. There will be many different guys that line up that day who have a shot to win. I think we might have two of them which is a huge advantage for both of them as they can feed off each other. Our goal is to get them to work off each other to put them in a good spot to place as low as they possibly can for our team. I know Frank and Max would both tell you they would give up the individual in a heartbeat if they could get the team on the podium. I know that means far more to them.” 


Cook With Me: Blackened Fish Tacos with Creamy Avocado Sauce

Hunter Epperson ~ Copy Desk Chief

Photo of blackened fish tacos with avocado sauce. Photo retrieved from by Hunter Epperson Sept. 9. 

I am obsessed with the recipes on If you are looking for a quick and easy college student-budget friendly recipe, well this is for you!

Prep Time: 10 Minutes 

Cook Time: 15 Minutes 

Total Time: 25 Minutes 


Mystic Magic: Stone-Cold Facts About Crystals

Em Maxey ~ Staff Writer

One of the most commonly growing practices in the United States is the usage of healing crystals. People are drawn to the beauty and energy these gems hold, but what are the limitations of this newly popular obsession? 

To be crystal clear, gemstones and crystals are not rocks. Crystals, atomically, are minerals. The major difference between minerals and rocks is the anatomic structure. 

Minerals are made of three dimensional patterns that are repeated throughout the inorganic solid. Rocks are typically irregular anatomically. 

To understand the modern context, it is important to have a grasp on the history of crystals.  This practice is believed to date back 30,000 years ago to the first usage of baltic amber amulets. This was about the time that humans had first emerged on the American continents. The reminiscence of amber beads was found in Britain 10,000 years ago. 


Historic Hysterics #6: LA Is Under Attack

Alyson Draper ~ Web Editor

A picture of an unknown object hovering over Los Angeles. Photo retrieved from by Alyson Draper. 

Everybody is aware of Pearl Harbor. Everybody knows about how that thrusted the United States (U.S.) into WWII and the ultimate feelings of having to constantly be at war. But I’m not talking about serious stuff like that. 

In true Historic Hysterics fashion, I will be looking at something strange that happened in Los Angeles in 1942. A full on battle was fought in the skies over the city that night, but what the army was fighting against remains to be highly contested. On February 24th, 1942, the buildings went dark and the sky lit up with anti-air shells, all firing at… something. 


It Is Okay To Put Yourself First Sometimes.

Hunter Epperson ~ Copy Desk Chief

Self-Care: Small & Powerful Ways to Celebrate You – Cleveland Clinic
Treat yo’ self. Image from

College students face many mental illnesses associated with mental burnout such as anxiety and depression

Some common signs of mental burnout can include mental exhaustion, a sense of dread about work, frequent feelings of cynicism, frequent feelings of anger, and/or frequent feelings of irritability. 

As humans, we tend to overextend ourselves by trying to help others or be involved in organizations, work, or other activities which consume our time.

As a consequence, we often forget to include ourselves or put ourselves first which means our health and wellness becomes impacted.


Nerd Factor: Fantasy Island Gets Creepy

Michael Robinson ~ PhD

Image from:

Guests are once again going to Fantasy Island. The newest iteration of the popular franchise, which began in the 1970s and returned briefly in the late 1990s, continues a familiar format. Guests come to the Island with fantasies to fulfill but often leave having learned unexpected lessons along with way. 

In its current form, the Island, capitalized here because it is treated on the new show as having magical powers and undefined intentions all its own, is run by Elena Roarke and her new assistant Ruby. The location of the tropical paradise is not revealed. I’ve always suspected that it’s somewhere near the islands on Lost and Gilligan’s Island myself, part of some incredible archipelago. 

A recent episode raised some questions for me though. At first, “Twice in a Lifetime” seemed like a fairly standard installment of the series. A guest named Nisha sought to discover her life partner, choosing from a fun-loving but not so ambitious boyfriend (Josh) or the serious future doctor (Savin) with whom her parents were trying to arrange a marriage. A second plot unexpectedly involved Javier, the pilot who flies guests to the Island on his seaplane, spending personal time with Elena Roarke. More on that in a moment.


Breaking the Stigma: Suicide

By Em Maxey ~ Staff Writer

September is National Suicide Prevention Month | GUIDE, Inc.
Suicide Prevention Month Poster. Image from

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. As a survivor of  losing a family member to suicide, and falling victim to suicidal tendencies, this subject is close to my heart. There are several stigmas that society holds around suicide. I do not have a large enough word count to refute them all.

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. In 2019 in the U.S., men were more than three times as likely to commit suicide than women. It is believed by 93% of adults that suicide can be prevented. 427 suicides in 2019 were children under the age of 15. There were 1.38 million suicide attempts in 2019. Click here for more national statistics.

703,000 people die annually via suicide worldwide. In 2019, over one in a hundred deaths were the result of suicide. Men are twice as likely to commit suicide than women globally. Find these global statistics and more here.

We, as a community, society, and population need to do better to start a conversation. Science shows that speaking up about sexual health education helps people perform safe sex; so then why do we believe that not talking about suicide will fix suicide rates? 


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