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Last week, I discussed what a modern witch is and this week we will go over a simple list of what a modern witch uses or their bag of tricks, per se.

Some of the most basic things a witch uses are; a selection of candles and herbs, a pentagram which represents the elements (air, earth, fire, water and metal), crystals (for energy), and salt (to purify the area).

An image of crystals used in healing. Link below in sources.

There is one thing that is absolutely necessary for any ritual and that is an altar. It is where you perform your spells and rituals. An altar can be a shelf, a table etc. If using a cloth, the best color to use is lavender or a deep purple, as it attracts positive spiritual fulfillment. 

There are many different optional things you could also keep with your altar, like a broomstick, wand or chalice. All of which have different meanings and purposes but are not entirely necessary. 

But an item I believe every witch should have is their Book of Shadows. A diary to hold their spells and keep track of all the rituals they cast, as well as how they turn out. Any notebook can be used but many witches prefer to use a leatherbound one for a better feeling. 

A drawn out version of a simple Book of Shadows. Link below.

With that, I leave you with the tools you need to begin your journey as a modern day witch. Start simple, find a spot in your room where you think you could have an altar. Place something that has meaning to you on it, let it give you positive energy. 

I keep fresh wildflowers on mine to remind me of playing as a child. Whatever you want, place it there and start to fill that space with energy. 

Having a place with positive energy will give you a good place to start with learning how to cast spells and perform rituals. 

Next week we are going to discuss different things that witches believe in and how they can lead us in life. For now, focus on keeping good energy in your life.


Wiccapedia: A Modern-Day White Witch’s Guide

Written by: Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway

Crystal Photo


Book of Shadows Photo


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