Get Out and On The Town: Local Attractions

Caroline Gilmore ~ Multimedia Editor

Lynchburg Community Market Sign. Photo by Caroline Gilmore

As the weather gets warmer, students are looking for more things to do, both on and off campus. And while there are a great many organizations planning events to take part in on-campus, like SAB’s Dellchella, and Weekend Programming’s Drive-In Movie Night. 

For those who want to spend some time off campus though, there are a lot of great options around town. Here we’ve compiled a list of attractions in multiple areas nearby.

Downtown Lynchburg

Mizumi & Moon Tea: Located at 1125 Main St, right next to the Lynchburg Community Market and close to multiple free parking sites, Mizumi & Moon Tea is a Japanese Bistro open seven days a week. Mizumi offers Japanese cuisine for pick-up or to eat on the balcony, while Moon Tea serves Boba/Bubble Tea, as well as slushes and other refreshing drinks.


A Sold Out Show: The Academy Welcomes Black Violin

Caroline Gilmore ~ Staff Writer

The stage at Academy Center of the Arts was lit up both visually and acoustically as Black Violin performed their soundcheck.

On Tuesday, April 12, Academy Center of the Arts welcomed Grammy-nominated hip-hop duo Black Violin. The stop was a part of the group’s “Impossible Tour” themed around their single “Impossible is Possible”. 

The duo is composed of violin player Kev Marcus and viola player Wil B. They were accompanied by a drummer, a synthesizer and a DJ. 

Throughout the set the duo performed a mixture of what they call the Classic Boom genre, a mix of classical and hip-hop music. Original Black Violin songs were performed as well as covers of hits by Dr. Dre, Imagine Dragons, and classical composers like Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Seymone Simmons ’22, said, “This concert was really great as I just did my Student Scholar Showcase presentation on contrafactum and parody, which is so similar to what Black Violin is playing and doing with classical music blended with hip hop.”


Commuters Concerned with Gas Prices

Caroline Gilmore ~ Staff Writer

Gas Prices – https://nypost.com/2022/02/24/us-gas-prices-could-hit-5-per-gallon-after-russias-ukraine-invasion/

With the current price of gas sitting at around $4.09 in the 24501 area, many commuter students are facing difficult financial situations coming back from spring break. 

Andrew Abernathy ’23 said, “These high gas prices are causing me to spend $100 in gas a week, about half my paycheck.”

Tyler Flaherty ’22 said, “My commute has become hell with these high gas prices. Such a long distance traveled daily is bleeding my wallet.” 


NAACP Sponsors Walk for Unity

By William Masselli ~ Editor-in-Chief

Photo retrieved from Lynchburg Area Youth Sports Initiative (laysi.org) on Feb. 19, 2022. The Lynchburg Area Youth Sports Initiative worked with University of Lynchburg’s NAACP Chapter to create the Walk for Unity event. 

The University of Lynchburg’s National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Chapter sponsored the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration and Walk for Unity in downtown Lynchburg this past weekend.

President of the NAACP’s chapter at the University of Lynchburg Tremaud Ware said, “In taking an active role in changing the narrative around student activism, I highly encourage our students to attend the unity walk. Not only should we show up, but also speak up, thus showing the greater Lynchburg community that my generation has a fighting spirit for advocacy and justice. We demand a better tomorrow! I look forward to this event, because of my passion for my black pride and my commitment to having a just society for future generations to come. In order for change to occur, students, staff, faculty, alumni and the Lynchburg community  must stand in unity!  


Pierce Street Service Plunge 

Photo of Pierce Street Community Garden sign. Photo taken on Feb. 13 by Alyssa Wilson.

Alyssa Wilson ~ Assistant Editor 

On the second Saturday of every month, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) at University of Lynchburg hosts a service plunge for its students to go into the community and serve the chosen nonprofit organization that month. 

This month, CCE chose the service plunge to be at the Pierce Street Gateway, which includes the Pierce Street Community Garden and the Anne Spencer House; both of which were volunteer sites for students to choose from on Saturday, Feb. 12.  

Pierce Street, a historically black neighborhood in Lynchburg, is rich with history. 

Harlem Renaissance poet Anne Spencer, one of the many aspects of the time, home has become a museum partially operated by her granddaughter Shaun Spencer-Hester, who led the volunteers who chose to serve at the museum. 

Caleb Adams, a freshman, volunteered at the Anne Spencer house. Adams said, “When we got to the Anne Spencer house, Mrs. Spencer-Hester said that the outside windows hadn’t been cleaned since 2020, and so she had us clean the windows in the back of the house.” 


Vernon Repeatedly Vandalized

Neighborhood Watch - City of Champaign

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

Since the beginning of  the 2021-2022 school year, Vernon Street residents have been experiencing a bevy of criminal activity. The increase in crime  has prompted university officials, including the chief of campus security,  to lead a dialogue on campus safety.

Tyler Flaherty, ‘22, while on his way home on Feb. 2, witnessed three men in the Vernon Street gravel lot. “I thought they were drunk college students,” Flaherty said, “I didn’t pay much attention to them until I witnessed two of them cross the street.”

“The truck pulled out as the second man crossed the street. They began to walk towards me and tried to get me to stop.”

“The second I saw the gun and mask, I stopped.” He said. They then asked for whatever cash he had in his wallet while still holding the guns to his head. After they got the money from him, they all got into the car and left.

Lynchburg Police Department was on the scene after the muggers had left. It was then that they learned that they had not only held Flaherty at gunpoint, but had also been breaking into unlocked cars.


The Adult and Career Center is looking for Volunteers

By Chelsea Edwards ~ Guest Writer 

Agency Logo
ACE Logo Image from: https://unitedwaycv.galaxydigital.com/agency/detail/?agency_id=81161

 The Adult and Career Center of Central Virginia (ACE) is looking for volunteers for their GED program.

ACE is a growing non-profit organization which provides free adult education classes in the region, specializing in English classes, reading and Math skills, college and career readiness courses, workforce preparation activities, integrated education training, in addition to test prep courses for the GED, NEDP, and VPT through one-on-one interaction and support. 

Luke Saechao, the regional program manager, said, “We’re all about moving people forward, whether it’s to improve basic literacy, learn English, get a high school equivalency, or prep for post-secondary education/training such as the community college or an industry-recognized certification program, to job placement. We want to help the adults that come through our programs to set and achieve their academic and career goals.”


Lynchburg Honors African American Firsts

By Dr. Ghislaine Lewis ~ Faculty Advisor

President Alison Morrison Shetlar welcomed the community to the African American Firsts lunch

As part of the Homecoming 2021, the University of Lynchburg paid tribute to several African American firsts.

The honorees included the first black students to live on campus, the first black head coach, the first black student government presidents, the first black administrator, the first black dorm mother and the first black dean. 

Those honored included Dr. Allethia Ingram ’76, MEd ’86, Mr. Bob Tate ’71, Dr. Christopher Boyd ’97, Ms. Coretta M. Jones ’73, MEd ’76, Dr. Dorothy Smith Akubue-Brice, PhD, Mr. Hilliary Scott MA ’21, Dr. Kelli Rainey ’99, Dr. Loretta Jones-Gafford ’73, Ms. Tommie McCune, and Ms. Wilhelmina Washington Johnson-Niblett ’70.


Friday Inferno

By William Hayden DIetz

A large fire engulfed a historic downtown Cottage Stillroom business in a Candle Factory on Friday, Oct. 15, 2021. 

The fire was located on Cabell Street, near Rivermont, where the building that is host to a candle making business shot out grey plumes of smoke into the air. 

One person suffered burns to their arm, but according to fire officials the burns are not life threatening.

Flames decimated the candle shop, however the fire department was able to extinguish most of the active flames quickly.


Lynchburg Prepares for the Ten Miler 

William Dietz ~ Guest Writer

Photo of the Virginia 10 Miler course. Photo retrieved from https://www.virginiatenmiler.com/event-info/virginia-10-miler/ by Hunter Epperson Sept. 7. 

The City of Lynchburg is preparing for the Virginia Ten Miler, which is scheduled for Sept. 25.

The race will begin at 8 a.m. at E.C. Glass High School located at 2111 Memorial Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia 24501

Though race falls during the university’s fall break, the Ten Miler is on the list of volunteer opportunities for students and staff through the Center for Community Engagement. Cindy Ferguson who heads the center  has indicated  she is looking for additional volunteers.


Lynchburg’s COVID Scare

By Hunter Epperson, William Deitz, William Masselli & Andrew Wheeler

Covid Infographic made by Hunter Epperson

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Central Virginia and Liberty University moves to online classes after an outbreak in their first week of school, students at the University of Lynchburg say they still feel safe on campus. 

“An average of 32 cases per day were reported in Lynchburg, a 47 percent increase from the average two weeks ago. Since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 1 in 10 residents have been infected, a total of 8,326 reported cases. Right now, Lynchburg is at an extremely high risk for unvaccinated people,” according to the New York Times Lynchburg, Virginia COVID case tracker

According to Liberty University’s COVID-19 Dashboard, which has not been updated since Aug. 25, there were a total of 159 active cases; 124 of those were active student cases, and the other 35 were active faculty/staff cases. There are also 274 on campus students in quarantine, as well as 111 commuters and 107 employees.

 As of publication on Aug. 31, there were seven positive COVID-19 cases within the University of Lynchburg student population; all are quarantining off-campus and there is one student in quarantine on campus. There are currently three active cases among faculty and staff, according to the University of Lynchburg’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 page.


Hill City Pride

By William Dietz ~ News Editor

Hill City Pride 2019 . Image by Dr. Ghislaine Lewis

Hill City Pride will host PrideFest 2021 on Aug., 28. PrideFest will include Pride in the Park at Riverfront Park, and Pride After Dark at the Glasshouse in Downtown Lynchburg.

Pride in the Park will have food and craft vendors, community partners, sponsors, and LGBTQIA+ performers to celebrate the community. The event is set to open at 1p.m. and conclude at 5 p.m.

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