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Lynchburg’s New Normal

By Joshua Price ~ Multimedia Editor

As classes begin for the 2020-2021 school year on Aug. 12th, students at the University of Lynchburg will notice a new normal. Take a glimpse into some of the new protocols in place on campus as the university tries to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among faculty, staff and students. To find out more about the protocols in place at the Return to the Hive page.

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The Pandemic & My Hometown: Elena Knopp

On March 30, 2020, the Virginia Governor announced that there would be a state-wide stay-home order set in place until June 10, 2020. Due to this, life is looking so different for just about everyone.

Due to cost cutting related to the pandemic, my workplace unfortunately furloughed almost all employees, including myself. To bring in an income during this time, I am nannying my cousin’s two-year-old and nine-month-old.

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The Pandemic & My Hometown: Joshua Price

By Joshua Price
On a Monday, March 30, 2020,  I decided photograph how the pandemic was affecting my community in Maryland.
While some places seem deserted others seem to bustle like nothing has happened. Since they are deemed “essential business” parking lots of grocery stores being filled.
Fed-Ex Field, home of the Washington Redskins, is now being used as a COVID-19 testing area. I also visited Washington D.C.
Many of the tourist hotspots only contained a few people, if any.  As we begin to reach the peak of this virus we must maintain our social distancing and hope this all blows over sooner rather than later.

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The Pandemic & My Hometown: Sarah Barnes

On March 29, 2020, I explored my community to see how the COVID-19 pandemic was affecting Cary, North Carolina. I ventured to some of the schools I attended growing up, as well as several places I would usually frequent while home for the summer.
I discovered that although society was taking a hard hit, the sun was still out and the sky was still blue. While we are temporarily unable to live our regular lives, we should take this time as an opportunity to reflect and be thankful for our community’s efforts to keep each other safe.
Town of Cary Fire Station No. 8 and Police District Office is still in full operation during the stay-at-home order, March 29, 2020 in Cary, North Carolina. SARAH BARNES

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The Pandemic & My Hometown : Stephanie Quaranto

The Pandemic & My Hometown series uses photography to showcase how the coronavirus is affecting life at home for media writing students from the University of Lynchburg.

Photography by Stephanie Quaranto  in Rhode Island

Rebuilding NOLA Service Trip

Students from University of Lynchburg  Nonprofit Masters Leadership program as well as several undergraduates participated in Rebuilding NOLA service trip from March 8 through March 13, 2020 as part of their spring break.

The students  partnered with two local nonprofits, The Acorn Farm to beautify a community lot slated for a rain garden, and  withJericho Road to do some neighborhood  housing assessments to update housing records.

In addition, trip organizer,  Communication Studies Professor, Dr. Jimmy Roux said,  the students also participated in a VooDoo tour and a bicycle tour of the lower 9th Ward which experienced devastation during Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago.

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