Historic Hysterics

Black Historic Hysterics – A Date Night Gone Wrong.

Alyson Draper ~ Web Editor

Happy Black History Month! So for the entire month of February I’ll be sharing some supernatural and strange stories featuring African-Americans. For this first week, I’ll be taking a look at one of my favorite alien abduction stories, the Betty and Barney Hill abduction from 1961.

A lovely couple https://www.screendaily.com/production/gotham/principal-stellar-productions-team-up-on-captured/5094240.article

Back in 1961, there was a couple by the name of the Hills. Barney was a Newport News native, and the son of shipyard workers now living in New Hampshire as a postal worker. 

Betty was his second wife. Betty and Barney lived painfully normal lives, but on one late night drive back from Niagara Falls back to their home in Portsmouth something truly strange happened. A bright light shone above them, Betty panicked, causing Barney to forcefully stop the car in the middle of the empty road. 

Barney stepped out of the car to investigate, the object now hovering close to the road, where the two of them heard high pitched beeps that caused Betty to shoutThey’re going to capture us!’


Historic Hysterics #6: LA Is Under Attack

Alyson Draper ~ Web Editor

A picture of an unknown object hovering over Los Angeles. Photo retrieved from the-wanderling.com by Alyson Draper. 

Everybody is aware of Pearl Harbor. Everybody knows about how that thrusted the United States (U.S.) into WWII and the ultimate feelings of having to constantly be at war. But I’m not talking about serious stuff like that. 

In true Historic Hysterics fashion, I will be looking at something strange that happened in Los Angeles in 1942. A full on battle was fought in the skies over the city that night, but what the army was fighting against remains to be highly contested. On February 24th, 1942, the buildings went dark and the sky lit up with anti-air shells, all firing at… something. 


Historic Hysterics #5: Exploding Grandma

The following article contains graphic images. Read at own risk.

Alyson Draper ~ Web Editor

Image from https://www.tampabay.com/news/florida/2019/10/17/spontaneous-combustion-in-st-petersburg-the-curious-case-of-mary-reeser/

Another Historic Hysterics set in Florida? Yep. This state usually has some of the strangest stories from across a wide spectrum of spookiness. This week we’ll be looking at a story of spontaneous human combustion, where an old lady goes out in a blaze of glory. There are some graphic images, so be warned. 


Historic Hysterics #4: Floridian UFOS

By Alyson Draper ~ Web Editor

Image by Ed Walters: Image from History.com

Florida is known for its crazy news stories and the Mystical Florida Man, which is something I can probably write an entire book about. The Florida Man we’re spotlighting today is not a crazy criminal, he is the eye witness of one of the most interesting UFO sightings, Ed Walters.

Ed and his wife Frances were your normal everyday Floridian folk, living in the little town of Gulf Breeze. But in 1987 something happened to Ed that made him become one of  the UFO world’s most credible eyewitnesses. 

When a craft came down and began to hover over the road in front of his house, Ed took a picture, resulting in what you see above. He also claimed that the craft hovered over his yard and shot a blue beam at him that cemented his legs to the ground and nearly evaporated his wife. 

When this blue beam came into contact with Ed, he claimed to hear the plans of the aliens in the ship before blacking out. He then woke up on a beach with sand in his mouth. Believing to be a victim of an abduction. But these sightings weren’t just exclusive to Ed, the entire town of Gulf Breeze had UFO fever, with a city council member claiming to have seen a craft in 1988. 


Historic Hysterics #2: Teleporting Boats!

By Alyson Draper ~ Web Editor

Photo (above) of USS Eldridge during World War II. Photo retrieved from https://www.military.com/off-duty/2020/05/04/truth-behind-wwiis-creepy-philadelphia-experiment.html on Aug. 17, 2021. 

It’s known today that the U.S military is no stranger to weird experiments, especially during WWII and the Cold War. Today’s story is about the Philadelphia Experiment and the USS Eldridge. According to witnesses, the USS Eldridge was able to turn fully invisible and teleport to Norfolk, Virginia, all while returning to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, within the same day. 

The story first came to light in 1955 when Carl M. Allen, a former merchant marine, wrote about his experience in a book that was sent to a known ufologist by the name of Morris K. Jessup who published the writing in “The Case of the UFO”, in 1956.


Historic Hysterics #1 – the Jetpack Man 

Photo of Jetpack Man. Photo retrieved on Aug. 10, 2021 from https://www.popularmechanics.com/flight/a35083324/guy-in-jetpack-los-angeles-video-footage/ 

By Alyson Draper ~ Web Editor

Humans have always been fascinated by the unknown because of our ever curious nature being challenged by that which we do not understand. As technology advances and our sensibilities get more and more worn down, it is always a pleasure to indulge ourselves in the primal fear of the unknown when looking for ways to entertain ourselves. I have always found myself to be enchanted by these stories of strange happenings all around the world. From UFO sightings to ghostly possessions, I will be attempting to cover my favorites. Belief is not guaranteed, but fun is. 

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