Written By: Emma Myers ~ Assistant Editor

Photo of students at Convocation on August 24, 2023. Photo taken by Emma Myers

Hornet Days that kicked off orientation at the University Of Lynchburg was met with mixed reviews as transfer students struggled with communication around the events.

These events  are tailored to help new students navigate campus life at the university for incoming first year, international and transfer students. Some sessions included:

  • Speed Networking
  • Title IX
  • Love Like Adam: Adam’s Law 
  • The Wall
  • Convocation
  • and a Candlelight Ceremony

Incoming student Kristen Abella said, “Learning about the different resources that are available to us, getting the contact information for all of those; where to find people and things, different facilities and departments [was most beneficial to us].” 

Hornet Days activities were intense and Abella noted, “[Next year], I would definitely give us more time to be able to relax, and give us at least a day to breathe before classes started.” 

For transfer students, the transition to Lynchburg can be equally as daunting.

John Bain, junior and transfer student said, “My favorite part of Hornet Days was [meeting] other students and getting a chance to interact with them and share our collective experiences with each other. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to have [done] that had I not [gone] to Hornet Days.”

Bain said, “The least favorite experience out of it all was the miscommunication during the whole thing that transfer students had to struggle to find our way through.” 

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