Juggling College Life in the Military

Kelsey Spickler ~ Guest Writer

Some students at the University of Lynchburg balance academics with military training responsibilities.

Students who are enrolled in the military have training once a month as well as a rigorous course load. They have learned how to prioritize their tasks and adjust when needed to keep up with their unpredictable lifestyle.

First year masters student Jaden Yoo has been in the United States Army Reserves as a medic since 2016. Yoo explained that for his monthly training, he is required to go to his base and catch up on the required medical courses, practice the skills he learned about, and work with other units on his base. 

While the military training allows these students to gain a more hands-on experience, they also have to be more flexible with their schedules in case they are called to serve.

Sophomore Robbie Paul is in the US Navy Reserves, and she says, “I have to base my time management around when I am going to work, and sometimes they change things up so I have to go on a dime, which is really complicated. I’ve missed a few classes because of it, so it kind of messes with my academics a lot.”

While military schedules can be unpredictable, students see their jobs as platforms to help me reach their professional goals.

Sophomore nursing student Emily Chen is in the process of applying for the US Navy Nursing Program. “I feel like school right now is preparing me for my boot camp and training… I can sometimes look at school in a negative way because of all the tests and all the stress, but I need to remember that school is just a stepping stone to my dreams and to my goals,” says Chen.

To learn more about military-connected students or joining the military, email the Veterans Affairs Coordinator Julie Allen at veteransbenefits@lynchburg.edu.


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