Expansions in the Criminology Department

Kelley Mccormick ~ Guest Writer

Professor Keith Smith helping his students during on a hands on project. 

University of Lynchburg’s Criminology department is expanding their staff, after the tragic loss of a beloved professor. 

Professor Keith Smith suddenly passed away last spring, leaving the Criminology department with large shoes to fill.

Dr. Kimberly McCabe, head of the Criminology Department at the University, said, “There is no one that could replace a man like Smith, he was really one of a kind.”

She also said, “We all are very protective of this program. We want to make sure we can bring someone in that can keep that passion”. 

Professor Smith had a passion for law enforcement and doing what was best for his students. 

Alexis Helms, a senior criminology major, said, “He was one of my favorite professors, like the way he connected with his students and the way he taught was just so engaging”. 

The position or positions, as the school is not limited to one person to add to the program, will be filled with someone looking to continue their passion in their field of specialty. 

The University hopes to diversify the Criminology program.

The Criminology program was recognized as part of the 2021 PLEXUSS Global Rankings and voted number one in the state of Virginia with specialties in child abuse, international affairs, sexual assault, forensic science, and law. 

Sophomore Iris Moseley said, “I came into college knowing I wanted to do something with criminology, but the program here has helped me find what more specifically I wanted to do in the field.”

The University of Lynchburg Criminology Department faculty focuses on one-on-one connections with the students to plan a path toward future career goals. 

With new faculty and possibilities of new specialties, the Criminology department hopes to expand its reputation. 

Follow along on the University of Lynchburg Criminology news page to see new updates.


Picture of keith smith from https://www.lynchburg.edu/2021/03/a-hidden-treasure-university-mourns-death-of-beloved-criminology-instructor/ article written after his passing

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