Building a Better Greek Life

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

The Greek Life population at the University of Lynchburg has dwindled in numbers over the past two semesters. The decrease in recent numbers is posing a threat to Greek housing.

On Sunday, April 10, the fraternities Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Sigma Nu congregated for a grand chapter of the Interfraternal Council in an attempt to find possible solutions..

“I’m really glad that the three fraternities were able to gather this weekend to talk about some of the issues that we’ve been facing. Though this meeting was long overdue, it shows the growth that we have made as an IFC. Four years ago, a meeting like this would’ve never happened. The mindset was completely different amongst the three fraternities on this campus, and it would’ve been next to impossible for everyone to come together under one common ground in order to address issues that we have been facing. I’m stoked at the amount of productivity and positive response that came from this meeting and I’m very excited to see how we follow through on the goals that we set in order to build IFC back up,” said Andrew Williams, president of Sigma Phi Epsilon at the university.

With the majority of members graduating this semester, the current presidents of each of the fraternities wanted to set goals for the returning members and set them up for success in the years to come.

Additionally, the chapters discussed putting an emphasis on community service and service to the university with hopes to become more integrated into the university and wider.

“We must maximize efficiency in terms of creating a stronger, more viable relationship with the administration of the university. They hear, not of our successes, but of our downfalls which we have very little of; in comparison to the good we do for the university and the community it resides in,” said Carter Houldin, class of 2024 and social chairman for Phi Kappa Tau.

Carter added, “ Statistically Greek life accounts for the majority of the University’s community engagement and community service. We as Greek members can proudly say that Greek life on campus has a 90% graduation rate, which is much higher than that of the undergrad at the University.”

“Our presence must and will be looked at for the positive, strong, and charismatic leaders we associate with. We are excited to continue further building our relationship with the university that we love,” concluded Carter. 

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