Larcenies in Lynchburg

Mark Listano, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg, Virginia – Dozens of larcenies have been reported in the city’s residential areas. Between August and November, the Lynchburg Police Dept. has made multiple arrests. The larcenies occurred in areas such as Memorial Ave., Old Forest Rd., and Mansfield Ave.

Along with these neighborhood areas, Lynchburg College student housing parking lots have experienced several larcenies this fall semester as well.

Lynchburg Map
Lynchburg PD crime map of larcenies, theft and burglaries throughout Lynchbut, Virginia between August and November.

According to Kathleen Jennings from the LPD, “larcenies occur mostly in residential areas in any city. It is unlikely for somebody to break into a car in the downtown/business areas of our city.” Jennings also commented on the fact that there was nothing shocking about the amount of larcenies that occur in Lynchburg, but she said that the amount of minors committing these crimes is unusual.

There have been several minor personal property thefts on LC’s campus this semester according to campus security officer Dean Caifano. Campus Security has received several calls about suspicious activities on campus this semester.

Officer Caifano advised students to keep valuables hidden even when locked in the car to avoid someone from tampering with your vehicle.

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