Campaign Trail Through Campus 

By Alyssa Wilson ~ Assistant Editor

Photo of Terry McAuliffe smiling for crowd. Photo retrieved from

Gubernatorial Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe has been on the campaign trail across the state and his next stop will be to the University of Lynchburg’s campus to speak students about his campaign and tell students to get out to vote on Nov. 2. 

The Student Government Association (SGA) and University of Lynchburg Democrats club are partnering together to bring McAuliffe to campus on Wednesday, Oct. 27. The event will take place outside of the first floor lobby at Drysdale Student Center at 3:45pm. 


Lynchburg Honors African American Firsts

By Dr. Ghislaine Lewis ~ Faculty Advisor

President Alison Morrison Shetlar welcomed the community to the African American Firsts lunch

As part of the Homecoming 2021, the University of Lynchburg paid tribute to several African American firsts.

The honorees included the first black students to live on campus, the first black head coach, the first black student government presidents, the first black administrator, the first black dorm mother and the first black dean. 

Those honored included Dr. Allethia Ingram ’76, MEd ’86, Mr. Bob Tate ’71, Dr. Christopher Boyd ’97, Ms. Coretta M. Jones ’73, MEd ’76, Dr. Dorothy Smith Akubue-Brice, PhD, Mr. Hilliary Scott MA ’21, Dr. Kelli Rainey ’99, Dr. Loretta Jones-Gafford ’73, Ms. Tommie McCune, and Ms. Wilhelmina Washington Johnson-Niblett ’70.


2022 Graduation Town Hall

By Chelsea Edwards ~ Guest Writer

The possibility of graduation being moved off the Dell has spiked discussion among students at the University of Lynchburg.

 “It has been notified to the student body that there may be a possible change of location in the 2022 graduation location from the Dell to Shellenberger Field,” said Student Government Association President Matthew Gillett. 

Members of the administration at the University of Lynchburg have agreed to hear students’ opinions about the location of graduation ceremonies. 


Homecoming for the Hive

By Chris Jennings ~ Assistant Copy Editor

Lynchburg Lacrosse. Photo Courtesy of Lynchburg Athletics

This past weekend, the men’s lacrosse team played their annual alumni game at the University of Lynchburg. The current roster played against a group of alumni from over the past 20 years in a regulation game. The Hornets beat the Alumni 17-15 Saturday to kick off what would be an eventful day on Shellenberger field. 

Senior Tyler Kuni was excited about facing off against former players. He said, “Coach K tells us all the time how lucky we are because of the guys who came before us and he is absolutely right. These are the guys who earned everything that we have today.”

Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach Steve Koudelka always reinforces that being recruited to the University of Lynchburg is a 40 year decision, not just a four year decision. This was on display this weekend as current players were able to connect with former players.


Men’s Soccer on a Roll

By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Photo retrieved from on Oct. 17, 2021. The University of Lynchburg Men’s Soccer Team Topped Guilford 2-0. 

Currently, the University of Lynchburg Men’s Soccer Team is enjoying a four game conference and overall winning streak. 

The team has the unenviable task of being in a conference with the best team in the nation, Washington and Lee. 

Griffin Phillips, a defender, believes his team is in good shape to make the ODAC championship game and compete with Washington and Lee, stating, “I think we certainly have the quality to get there. We just need to keep learning and improving, particularly on the small things. We just need to take it one game at a time and we’ll get to the place we want to be, which is competing for the ODAC championship.” 

Phillips continued, “I think it’s just small things here and there, like more communication from everyone on the field. I know that I need to do it more, and even though we have been doing a good job so far, there’s always room for more. I think we are starting to really get some good chemistry going forward and are really settling into our system.” 



By Markus Herbert ~ Guest Writer

Thranon Suggs at the free-throw line and Isräel Lockamy taking on his opponent. Pictures provided by Erin Earina Photography and University of Lynchburg Athletics Website.  

After their loss against undefeated Randolph-Macon this past spring, men’s basketball will be looking to get back into the ODAC Championship. The team has an experienced roster this season and their main goal is consistency. 

Graduate student Thranon Suggs `21, has an intrinsic goal more important than obtaining ODACs. “My goal is to win the National Championship,” Suggs stated.

Acknowledging his significant role as an experienced fifth-year, Suggs understands that, “Leadership is definitely going to be essential for us to be successful.” 


1996: Stepping over stereotypes – LC and LU students do have something in common

Written by Carrie Eastwood

For college students in Lynchburg, the terms brainwashed Bible beaters and hellions on the hill conjure up more than generic mental images, they define difference of opinion and long-held rivalry of two schools. Lynchburg College students and students at Liberty University may have the old stereotypes embedded in their brains, but when it comes to their individual opinions of the other, both may be surprised. 

Although the two schools are very different in their approach to education, their student demographics are not. So why do LU and LC refuse to get along?

“LC thinks that we are a bunch of bible beaters. We have our religion and our faith in God, but we still know how to have a good time. The only difference is that we [LU] have boundaries,” said Joe Bounadonna, a LU sophomore.


1985 – 1986: Homecoming Weekend 

Written by Cynthia Lockhart

Homecoming Weekend is an exciting time for both the students at LC and for the returning alumni. 

The weekend featured events such as the Homecoming dance, sporting events and other social functions.

The Homecoming Dance held on Friday night in the Ballroom, was a success. “There was a really good turn out this year, approximately 900 people attended,” said Ken Inch, president of SGA. 

“The Deal,” a band from Charlottesville, played a new wave and classic rock format. “The music resembles that of U2 and The Beatles in their own version,” according to a band member.

SGA sponsored the Homecoming Dance. Money raised from the dance will go into a general fund for the clubs at LC. A certain percentage of that will go into the revision of the “Club House,” which is the old Education building.

“The SGA would like to thank SAB, Beta Theta Pi and Westover for their contributing help,” said Inch. 


1967: L.C. Celebrates Homecoming Weekend 

“A Thousand and One Nights” In One

The highlight of the weekend for the student body will come Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. in the Memorial Gymnasium as the freshman class presents the annual Festival Ball based around the theme of “A Thousand and One Nights.” Margie Hess, chairmen of the dance committee, has announced that “Mods and the Rockers” will play at the formal affair. 

At the same hour, the Lynchburg Chapter of the Alumni Association will sponsor an Alumni dance at the Oakwood Country Club. 

Initial Service

The first regular worship in the Snidow Chapel will be given on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. with Dr. Allen B. Stanger presiding and Reverend Arthur Brown, Jr., of Roanoke delivering the sermon.


1954: Straight From The Squirrel’s Mouth

Written by Nutsy

Not too long ago (while leisurely sitting on a window still on the Ad. Building…. shucks where I go again…Allah! Great White Father! I mean Hopwood Hall) I was busily nibbling on my mid-morning snack when this blood-curdling stream burst forth out of the clear sky. There went my snack and I almost with it. 

“What could that be?” I wondered, “It’s too early for the Varsity Club initiation.”

There’s only one way to find out so I did just that… I looked in the window of the auditorium. To follow is one of the most hilarious accounts of my career. 

On the stage was a very pretty girl in a beautiful dress howling something about “Throw me across the room.”

“Oh well,” I thought, “we all have to go sometimes.”


1940’s: Alumni Homecoming Day

Next Saturday, November 30, marks the date of Lynchburg College’s first Alumni Homecoming Day. This day is to be set aside on the calendar, it is hoped, as an annual event of the college year.

To Mr. Shields Brubeck and to his committee go to the laurels for the promotion and for the hard work required to “put this affair over.” If it is a success, as all are confident this committee is to be highly congratulated for their work. 

Alumni Day is to be primarily a day when the alumni may return to the campus for a program arranged especially for them; when they may meet old friends and roommates, hold informal class reunion, and engage in fond reminisces  of “the days when.”

On the other hand, Alumni Day can provide a stimulating experience for the students. Students, no matter how mature they may be (in their own minds, that is), may benefit from contacts with older people (parson us, Alumni), or at least with people who have experienced, in the events which the students are experiencing now, the events which follow those. 


Set the Expectation: Brenda Tracy Shares Her Story

By Alyssa Wilson ~ Assistant Editor

Photo of University students who attended the speech in Turner Gymnasium. Retrieved from lynchburg_wsoccer on Instagram by Alyssa Wilson.

Motivational speaker and founder of Set the Expectation, Brenda Tracy, came to speak to students at the University of Lynchburg and share her story on Tuesday, Oct. 5, in Turner Gymnasium. 

All athletes were required to be at the event, making for a packed Gym on Tuesday night. Sisters of Alpha Chi Omega were also required to attend as domestic violence is the Sorority’s philanthropy.

Junior and sister of Alpha Chi Omega, Emily Jackson said, “We as a chapter wanted to go learn more about our philanthropy from a survivor. We feel that it is so important to actively support domestic violence awareness education at all events on campus and in the community.” 


Monte’s Black Mold

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

Which Molds Are Dangerous? | IQAir
Black Mold! Image from

Residents in Montgomery Hall at the University of Lynchburg have been complaining about black mold in their dorm rooms. 

Black mold, also sometimes known as toxic mold or toxic black mold, is a type of fungus that usually occurs in damp or water-damaged buildings. 

Some side effects of black mold poisoning include having headaches, pain, and nosebleeds. However, there are no reports of this actually happening. There have been reports of respiratory issues and some symptoms that can be associated with a common cold. 

Black mold cases on college campuses have been more prevalent in the past few years, and, unfortunately, the University of Lynchburg is no exception.

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