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The raunchy comedy, No Hard Feelings, is currently streaming on Netflix, quickly ranking number one on the streaming service.

The film follows Maddie, played by Jennifer Lawrence, as she struggles to keep the house left to her by her mother.

In the series of unfortunate events, she inevitably ends up having to pretend to date a 19 year old named Percy, played by Andrew Feldman, in exchange for a car that she needs to keep the house she currently lives in. 

The movie itself was incredibly fun and ridiculous, as well as loving and deep, even if the entire plot was centered around a lie.

The dynamics between Maddie and Percy were very different, Maddie’s being very outgoing and closed-off, while Percy insisted on being a by-the-book character, wanting to get to know Maddie.

As well, as the story progresses, they each take on attributes of the other, with Maddie becoming more sensitive and open about herself and Percy becoming very outgoing and less anxious about the world.

You could really feel the chemistry between the two characters budding as the two interact more, which becomes more of an issue down the line for the two characters.

In between of course there were several really great laughs and extremely raunchy moments, from an ex-police dog being hooked on cocaine, to Jennifer Lawrence’s character beating teenagers up in the nude. 

Underneath the raunchy jokes, however, was a movie about moving forward with your life and getting out of your own way.

Being an incredibly funny and heartwarming story, this is definitely a movie to watch as the semester comes to a close.

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