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Drawing detailing students asking to vote illustrated by Lizzy O’Donnell.

Nine republicans, four democrats and two independent candidates will be running for the upcoming 2024 Presidential election. Most of these candidates are shadowing the two men who ran for election in 2020: President Joe Biden and the former president Donald J. Trump. 

In the latest polls for the election, eight republicans are challenging Trump. Although he is far ahead than these candidates.  On the democratic side, Biden has three opposing candidates.

Micha Foulkes, a sophomore student says, “I think neither parties represent me or the general public. They both really serve to benefit the wealthy and leave the average American in the dust.” 

The former President Trump elaborated on his re-election on Nov. 15 in 2022 at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Having forced the party to once again make the decision on whether to embrace a candidate who refused to accept defeat in 2020, had sparked the attack on the U.S Capitol attack whilst still dominating his speeches. 

Biden, the oldest president in American history will be 86 at the end of his second term. This age has prompted some of his critics to wonder if he will be able to serve effectively. A hefty number of democratic voters indicate that they would rather not have him run, although he is expected to win the Democratic nomination. 

Hayden Deans, a sophomore student says,  “As for the candidates for the presidency, they both are unfit for the job. There needs to be an established age limit for all representative positions of power.”

In a new CBS poll it can be seen that 51% of respondents say that they will be casting their ballots for Trump, while 48% will be casting their ballots for Biden. Some say they feel worse if Biden is elected.

Foulkes goes on to say that they view both parties as dangerous for our country and that both Biden and Trump are awful leaders for our country due to how poorly they have handled situations like the conflict between Israel and Palenstine.

Americans have long spoken about their frustrations with the financial changes with inflation and interest rates. Some say they feel worse off financially backing up Trump. 

Dean goes on to say that Biden has done an awful job in regard to border policy, taxes and oil. 

When casting your ballot it is encouraged to do so with a clear conscience, and do so without other opinions. Vote for the candidates with policies that align with values and what may be best for the surrounding community. 

To learn more information about the candidates visit here.

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