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Photo of runners at the start of the race taken by ~ Andrew Wilds

Not everyone has to have superpowers to be a superhero. The runners who participated in the CASA Superhero run  are superheroes fighting for a worthy cause. 

For the past nine years, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) of Central Virginia has hosted their Superhero Run to raise money for their organization. 

The centerpiece of the day was the 5k run at Percival’s island, followed by additional inclusive events.

All the money that was raised for the event was given to help children that have been abused or neglected. 

CASA’s mission is to have volunteers appointed by judges to advocate for children. Their vision is to “provide for every child that needs a voice; a safe, permanent and loving home; and hope for a brighter future.” 

The involvement of participants in the Superhero run would empower CASA to create a dedicated support system for children who have suffered from abuse. 

“When children are taken away from their homes, they confront a deeply unsettling and uncertain future. CASA is their unwavering support system, ensuring they never have to endure this journey alone. Your participation in the CASA Superhero Run is a powerful way to join us in this mission and make a real difference,” said Allison Stranza, executive director of CASA. 

Supporting CASA extends beyond the Superhero run, as valuable contributions can also be made through volunteering and giving donations. 

“But there are even more profound ways to get involved. You can become a volunteer advocate, a member of our team of sidekicks, a dedicated monthly donor, or contribute to our Christmas toy drive. Each of these actions has the potential to create a lasting impact and provide these children with the support and care they urgently need, ” said Stronza. 

Many of these events rely on volunteers as their essential foundation. 

None of these events would be possible without the support of volunteers, like Kate Duncan who was volunteering on behalf of the United Way of Central Virginia

“As someone who works in nonprofits, I know volunteers are imperative to making any event happen. There are nowhere near enough people on nonprofit staffs to handle such large events, which is why volunteers are so heavily relied on. I am happy to help this nonprofit put on such an amazing event,” said Duncan.One of the 700 race participants was junior Stacy Gallahan who ran the race for the first time.

Photo taken by ~ Audrey Revis (Gallahan’s mother). Left is Maxc Santana, right is Stacy Gallahan. 

Public awareness has more effect to help the community than most people realize and this was a wonderful opportunity to spread awareness about child abuse.  

“The race is a spectacular way to bring the community together and raise money for abused and neglected children in Lynchburg. Public awareness is everything. The more a community is connected, the more we can grow together,” said Gallahan. For further insight into the CASA mission and their operational procedures, visit their official website.  

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