Written by Adriana Barbour

The Black Student Association (BSA) at the University of Lynchburg hosted “Beyond the Grave” Halloween bash last week that put students in the Halloween spirit. 

Costumes were not required at the events, but many Hornets and community members alike dressed in costumes for the occasion. 

Community member Gavin Ferguson noted that the event was “very organized” as decorations hung on the walls, balloons were blown up and an array of snacks and drinks were provided. 

Students also had the opportunity to take photos with friends at a photo booth. 

The event was held in the Hall Campus Center Ballroom with around 40 students attending. 

Student Joshua Walsh said, “More people might have shown up if the prices were lowered.” 

This event was a fundraiser for BSA and they charged a regular ticket price rate of $5 for students, $10 students and held a brief “early-bird” fee of $3. 

Another student, Katherine Loza says that cool prizes may have enticed more students to attend the event.

However, students and community members like Makeeyliah Craft still enjoyed the event. 

“Honestly, I think this party is actually going kind of good and I’m having fun,” said Craft. 

Contact the OEI office or bsa_ul@lynchburg.edu to find out about upcoming programming and events. 

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