By Alyssa Jackson

  Photo of Aziraphale and Crowley ~ Photo taken by Amazon Studios

Good Omens is a TV show rendition of the novel, made by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It is a satirical imagining of the Biblical apocalypse. This narrative story embarks with the two protagonists: Aziraphale, an angel. And Crowley, a demon. 

The starring actors are David Tennat who is most famous for his role in playing the 10th doctor in “Doctor Who.” The show also stars Micheal Sheen, a non-profit Welsh actor who is most famous for his roles in “Masters of Sex” and “Prodigal Son.” 

The original book was released in 1990, having received multiple different adaptations including the TV show, an on-stage musical and a radio drama. The first season in the TV show shows a recollection of the original novel, the second season being an entirely new addition to the 90’s book.

The original series was released back in 2019 and was highly praised, but due to COVID-19 season two was not released until recently. But, even with this setback it was so highly appraised that it was rated as Amazon’s #1 comedy. 

It begins with Aziraphale and Crowley, adversaries since the Great Fall from the Garden of Eden, having lived on Earth in attempts to steer humanity’s moral course. In this millennia however, they began to grow fond of life among humans, developing a tenuous relationship with each other. 

Good Omens also shows a huge representation of the LGBTQ+ community. As it contains characters that are non-binary, examples being “Beezlebub ” who is a prince of hell. Two humans, Nina and Maggie represent the lesbian population. Lastly, our two protagonists have a blooming, but heartbreaking romance. 

Sage Lewis from an online forum of Good Omens fans, stated “The LGBTQ+ representation is plentiful in Good Omens and really not in a way that feels forceful. It feels natural in such a wonderful way, with so many characters that don’t make such representation of their whole entire personality.” 

Lewis continued, “Not only that, but how smoothly written and accepted it is, not treated as a topic you have to walk on eggshells on, how openly they speak of it without fear, it really makes it so much more immersible and really feels like something that could happen in the real world.”

    Photo of Beezlebub ~ Photo taken from Amazon Prime

The Antichrist’s name is Adam and at this point of the story he has reached his 11th birthday, the start of the “End of Times”, also known as Armageddon. The day before the chaos, signs and portents manifest. 

Atlantis rises from the sea, cities are overrun with nature, massive storms of plutonium vanish within nuclear reactors, and M25 motorway becomes a deadly path of fiery doom. 

     Photo of Nina and Maggie ~ Photo taken by Amazon Prime

Continuing on, Adam and his friends confront the Four Horsepersons. Even facing death, the four defeat them. Beezlebub and Metatron, who is a spokesperson for God, discuss with Adam his fate. Allowing this “Final Battle” to take place, but Adam refuses to comply. He imagines a better way other than total annihilation. Aziraphale and Crowley, having their lives in jeopardy, discover that Adam’s decision is an unforeseen part of the plan. 

Left confused, Metatron and Beezlebub return to their masters to discuss further instructions. The armies of Heaven and Hell stand down. Everything on Earth returns to the way it was before. 

      Photo of Adam the Antichrist ~ Photo taken by Amazon Prime

Aurora Graham, another online fan stated “It’s both heartwarming and heartbreaking, and makes you fall in love with each and everyone of its characters, from the main two to even the most minor roles.” 

Good Omens entails a fictional, fantasy, action-packed story that entices the readers on not only gender affirming characters but a story that shows that a person should not be afraid of their feelings, instead embrace them. 

You can watch Good Omens here and purchase the novel here. 

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