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We finished up Hagal’s Aett last week and this week we move onto the final one: Tyr’s Aett. 

Tyr’s aett is closely related with Asgard, the realm of the gods. It is associated with creation, death and life. 

Tyr himself was an old god of the Aesir, the god of war and justice. He was an enemy of Odin, who thought of him as a threat to his power. 

His aett is associated with overcoming challenges and new beginnings.

The first four to discuss in this article are Tiwaz, Berkano, Ehwaz and Mannaz.

Tiwaz is equivalent to binding oaths and worthy promises. When it comes to marriage, using this rune allows for someone to manifest long and everlasting love. It can also indicate success in business or sports, it will just depend on your strength and confidence to succeed. Just be careful you do not manifest this rune when in a negative mindset because it can result in selfishness or a shallow relationship.


Berkano is equivalent to new birth, fertility and times of rejoicing with family and friends. It is linked with the birch tree which can allow for personal growth. It is generally associated with growth and women’s health. 

When manifesting with this rune, some will raise spirits to bring a sense of well-being back. If manifested negatively, it can lead to losses of important growth, leading you back to square one.


Ehwaz is equivalent to picking up pace and changes for the better. A lot of meaning for this rune includes travel and what you will gain from the location you are traveling to. Even though it can indicate travel, it can also show a possible moving of house or even the start of a new friendship or partnership. When it manifests, you are likely to find yourself improving. When manifesting with this rune in a negative mindset, be careful of traveling in vehicles as they can be dangerous. 


Mannaz is a bit different. When it manifests, it will be directly related to whoever is asking the question. The rune can help clear any delusions you are having when you ask questions, allowing you to see things clearly. When using this rune, be patient, think things through and consult someone you trust. If this rune is manifested in a negative space, be careful of people around you, as someone could hold ill will towards you and act upon it.


With that, we begin the final aett. Remember how you can use the runes to manifest things and start trying to do it yourself. Be careful of your emotions when attempting to use runes. We will finish Tyr’s Aett soon, but for now you can research on your own or wait. 


Runes, Your Personal Guide

By: Jan Budkowski

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