Staff writer: Allison Hudgins

Photo by: Rafi Islam

The University of Lynchburg welcomed 77 international students this semester. 

This past Friday International Students Support Coordinator, Danielle Sarchet hosted an International Meet and Greet at the newly open Well Nest in Hundley Hall. 

“Events like this are wonderful to bring everyone together to share culture, food, games and get to know each other better,” said Sarchet. 

Popular music from a variety of different countries played over a speaker while students socialized with each other and shared the experience of what it is like to be an international student at Lynchburg. 

Pramita Shrestha came to Lynchburg from Kathmandu, Nepal and said, “I can share my problems with them so that they can understand. Can celebrate different festivals together as in our home country with the same culture and religion.”

Those that had the chance to go to the event made new friends and had various topics to talk about. 

“Participating in this event has both made deeper connections with other international students and gathered a lot of experience on the culture,”  said Rafi Islam, from Bangladesh.

Ethiopian student Soliyana Atnafu said “meeting new people and learning different viewpoints” was her favorite part of the event. 
To find more information about upcoming events for international students or have any suggestions for future events, contact Danielle Sarchet.

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