Written By: Adriana Barbour

Photo of the  2022 Prism cover, found on the University of Lynchburg website.

In the past the Prism, a student-led literary magazine at the University of Lynchburg, has only taken art submissions for their cover, but this year they will be taking more submissions for art.

“I think this year they decided to put art inside the magazine instead of just the cover,” states the faculty advisor Kelly Jacobson.

According to the University of Lynchburg website , “students are welcome to submit art or writing pieces, regardless of the student’s major”. Students are allowed to submit three pieces of work with a maximum of two pages.

Jacobson says, “We would rather have a few options to pick from and to work on and to not to be afraid to submit because you think the editors will judge you.”

As a faculty advisor Jacobson’s job is to monitor the head editors, look over all the content and help edit. 

She also says that “the two head editors run the meetings with the readers” and put the magazine in order. 

 Luis Echeverria is a new editor this year and has expressed that the Prism gives the students a chance to publish work without any fee. 

“For new writers, or even someone curious in creative writing, this is the best way to get a foot in the door for future publication and employment opportunities because it looks great on a resume,” says Echeverria.

The Prism is a place where students can get their work seen while also getting positive feedback about their pieces. 

“Writers also remain completely anonymous during editing. Inexperienced writers are also welcome too, they are often much better than they give themselves credit for, and we also provide some feedback for the work if they request it,” Echeverria states.

This magazine is a way for students to get creative and express themselves to the community. 

Echeverria says, “My creative vision is one where the next edition continues to share stories from diverse backgrounds and experiences. In terms of thematic elements, I will be keeping a particular eye out for submissions that include nature. I’ll also admit that anything in the realm of fantasy will definitely catch my attention.”
More information about where to submit can be found here.

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