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If you recall, we discussed how runes come from Nordic and Germanic roots, as well as the first four in Freya’s Aett.

We discussed Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz and Anzuz; the runes that begin the Futhark alphabet.

As mentioned last week, all of the runes in this Aett have a refreshing tone, and the four to be discussed are no different. 

The final four in Freya’s Aett are Raido, Kaunaz, Gebo and Wunjo.

Raido is equivalent to heavenly connection and journeys you take. The word itself means wheel but it is also linked with healing. 

It is a rune that pushes for current or future journeys to be peaceful and safe. Whether they are physical or mental journeys you need to try for yourself, so you can find the best path.


Kaunaz is equivalent to enlightenment: in intelligence or types of creativity. It is a rune associated with fire and passion, and is also attributed to Heimdall, the gatekeeper of Asgard.

This rune can help with discovering new love, or a new path (similarly to Raido, they work together well). When you use this rune, it gives you passion towards what you need, whether it be a project you are working on or a drawing. 


Gebo is equivalent to giving and receiving gifts or joy. Gifts are given for many reasons, whether to gain respect, indicate some sort of affection or something more political, but they are generally associated with this rune.

It is a rune associated with happiness. When you use this rune, you can manifest something joyous in your life, whether you are receiving it or giving it. 


Wunjo is equivalent to good fortune and is connected to wind and open sky. It is a positive rune and associated with Frigga, wife of Odin, who is known as the perfect wife. Wunjo is also connected to unconditional and true love. 

This rune is used in weddings and for matchmaking. When you use this rune to manifest love, it is said to bring some sort of relationship, whether it be romantic or business. A positive rune used for achieving happiness.


That wraps up Freya’s Aett. All of which are pleasant and refreshing. Next will be Hagal’s Aett. You can do your own research or stay tuned for the rest of this series. 


Runes, Your Personal Guide

By: Jan Budkowski

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