Written By: Victoria Williamson

Left to right: Allie Freeman, Ashlyn Davis and Chris Wiley. Photographed by LynchburgSports.com and Caroline Gerke.

With classes up and running at the University of Lynchburg, athletes participating in fall sports are getting a hold of managing their time. 

Freshman Allie Freeman is a midfielder on Lynchburg’s Women’s Field Hockey team. Spending about 8-12 hours a week studying, “I feel like I have a good mix. My friends and I always like to hang out after practices,” said Freeman.

Part of time management is having an efficient way to organize assignments and other responsibilities. “I always have a pad of sticky notes that I use on my desk,” said Freeman. Otherwise, she uses a planner to keep track of assignments and due dates.

Similar to Freeman, Chris Wiley uses the Google Calendar app as a way to stay on top of his schedule. The freshman majors in exercise physiology, and plays midfield on the Men’s Soccer team.

Student-athletes are offered study hall hours within their team, but some prefer working alone to being in a group.

Wiley stated, “I like working alone because it stops me from getting distracted. I feel more productive that way.” 

Though some like being by themselves to complete schoolwork, others like to take advantage of working in groups, “When studying for a test, I like to talk it out with fellow classmates to make sure we are covering everything and to prepare for it, ” said freshman Ashlyn Davis.

Right-side hitter on the Women’s Volleyball team, Davis is currently majoring in Nursing. She finds that doing work in the Westover rooms is what helps her focus on tough assignments.

“Don’t procrastinate, and communicate with your professors often,” said Davis to her fellow student athletes.

Freeman echoed,“Make sure you find time for your work and prioritize it.”

Although balancing academics and athletics can be a lot, student athletes at the University of Lynchburg are taking the steps to stay on top of their work. 

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