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The newest addition to the “Conjuring” franchise was recently released, yet barely made up for the faults of its predecessor.

The Nun II” was an entertaining experience, with plenty of jumpscares and a horrifying villain.

Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga and Frenchie, played by Jonas Bloquet both made a return.

They were accompanied by many new ones like Sister Debra, played by Storm Reid and Kate, played by Anna Popwell

The real issue of both of these movies is the confusing plot lines that seem to contradict each other.

The story takes place in different parts of France, where Sister Irene goes on a journey to track down the Demon Nun who she interacted with in the previous movie.

As Sister Irene makes her way to find the demon, accompanied by Sister Debra, the audience is also introduced to a school that Frenchie now works at, after being possessed and controlled by the Demon Nun.

He makes friends with Sophie and starts to develop an interest in her mother Kate, who works there as one of the teachers. 

Eventually, Sister Irene and Debra realize that the victims of the Demon Nun were all descendants of Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the blind. 

The Demon Nun has been murdering her descendants looking for her eyes that have been preserved and made into a holy artifact.

The eyes end up being located at the school that a possessed Frenchie has been unwillingly tormenting.

While the movie itself was enjoyable, with plenty of jumpscares that would send shivers up and down my body, the story kept throwing me off.

The search for a holy relic to defeat the same demon is essentially the very same plot of the first movie.

In addition to this the way that the demon is defeated is also essentially the same, as Sister Irene and Debra pray over wine and, due to their faith, turn it into the blood of Christ.

What makes it even more confusing is that Frenchie is no longer possessed by the Demon Nun. However, we see in the very first Conjuring movie that he is possessed by the time Ed and Lauran are adults and hunting demons.

Regardless of the plot holes, the movie itself is still ripe with enough jumpscares and action to make any horror fan keep their attention.

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