By Emma Myers~ Assistant Editor

Photos of the Club Boxing Table on August 31, 2023. Photographed from left to right: Jonathan Suarez, Founder and Paden Garrard, Treasurer. Photo taken by Emma Myers

The University of Lynchburg hosted a Fall Involvement Fair in the Memorial Ballroom here on campus last Thursday. It displayed informational tables for a variety of clubs, including the brand new Club Boxing.

Jonathan Suarez, sophomore, always had a passion for boxing, and was eager to share that passion with other students by starting Club Boxing. 

“All of this started when I was about three years old,” Suarez said. “This was about the time where my mom was trying to get me active to try to figure out what I liked. ”

Suarez recalls fond childhood memories that fuel his love for boxing, 

“Growing up I would watch a lot of fighting events with my dad. He would put on pay per view fights, the 2008 Summer Olympics boxing program, and the Rocky movie series on repeat. We would spend a lot of nights watching anything we could on boxing,” continued Suarez.

His dad taught him the basics of boxing, as well.

“We would also ‘play fight’ and he would show me how to actually box by showing me how to block, punch, slip away and counter.”

More of Suarez’s knowledge on boxing comes from his late uncle, Owen Dilley. 

“One of my dads closest friends, who I considered my uncle, Owen Dilley, would show me techniques and combos that I still use to this day. So without those late stress-filled nights with my dad and Owen, I wouldn’t have gotten passionate about boxing.”

 Photographed from left to right: Jonathan Suarez and Owen Dilley. Photo taken by George Suarez.

Suarez decided to take that passion and turn it into a club here at the University of Lynchburg, with the help of Steve Bradney, assistant director of Student Engagement and Campus Recreation. 

Other active members of the club include Paden Garrard, treasurer; and, Bobby Vinson, vice president. 

Garrard said, “I’m personally looking forward to building a community with the club and I’m also looking forward to learning more about the sport of boxing and how to box.”

Coincidentally enough, he has never been in a boxing ring before. Garrard stated,

“Even as the treasurer, I, myself, have never boxed; so no, we don’t require any experience. We are looking for anyone and everyone to come be a part of the club! We’re really looking forward to having everyone and excited to get started!”

On Thursday Sept. 7, Club Boxing will hold an informational session in Hopwood Auditorium from 5:30-6:00 pm. For more information on Club Boxing, you can contact Jonathan Suarez directly at

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