By Alyssa Jackson

 Neuschwanstein in Schwangau, Germany. Photo taken by Joshua Gomez.

The University of Lynchburg’s Study Abroad program hosted a multitude of trips over the summer, one including an eventful trip to Europe for the university’s Psychology department.

Study Abroad Director, Heather Ryan-Sigler explains that “Study Abroad is a faculty person or persons that take students on a credit bearing study in another country.”

Study Abroad is designed to help students not only receive class credits but to help learn about different cultures and receive new educational experiences. 

Joshua Gomez, senior, attended the Psychology department’s Europe trip this summer. 

“It was multifaceted,” says Gomez. “ I have been on my education journey for quite a while now and it’s been a little tormentous…” 

Gomez planned to graduate in May with the class of 2023, but due to needing more credits than he realized, was unable to meet that goal. 

With the help of the university’s study abroad program, Gomez received the last six credits he needs to graduate by the end of the fall semester. 

 Community Market in Munich, Germany. Photo taken by Joshua Gomez. 

The Study Abroad program is offering multiple trips this upcoming year, some being to Vietnam and Cambodia during J-Term. 

Gomez says, “I love diversity, equity and inclusion and new experiences. So, not only was it going to be good for my academic record and for my education, but I was also personally motivated to expand my horizons and take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity.” 

Study abroad offers trips to London, England involving courses on travel writing, British drama, criminology and health promotion for the 2023-2024 school year.

Ryan-Sigler states that “One of the benefits to study abroad is that you automatically get a 50% tuition discount.” In addition to this, students who receive financial aid during the school year will also receive financial aid for study abroad programs.

The program would like students to understand that study abroad is made affordable for all students, even those who struggle with finances. There are grants, scholarships and financial aid that can help make studying abroad more affordable.

One of the most prestigious things that the study abroad program has to offer is that it is for any student who wishes to dive into a world of new cultures, surroundings, and gain an educational experience.

  Dacau Concentration Camp in Bavaria, Germany. Photo taken by Joshua Gomez. 

Ryan-Sigler continues, “It’s just such a cultural experience that will help students make lifelong friends. They make friends with their own groups, they make friends with other people from other countries, and in some cases study abroad provides homestays so you stay in the home of a local family. Students report that it is a really great experience. They get to be close, they get home cooked meals and really get to be in the culture.”

You can learn more about the university’s study abroad program here.

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