Sins of Sinister: Dominion

Written by Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

The Sins of Sinister event has finally come to an end with Sins of Sinister: Dominion, and the X-Men will never be the same again.

The issue began following the aftermath of Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants and Nightcrawlers Issue 3. Both Mister Sinister and Mother Righteous, the two Sinister clones and key players in the event, had found their way to Fort Arakko.

Dwelling deep inside the fort was Sinister’s shielded lab, holding the clones of Moira Mactaggart, the only mutant capable of destroying the current timeline and resetting it just before the event starts. 

However, with several key players on the board, including the original Moira Mactaggart, new hero Ironfire and Charles Xavier, the event was nowhere close to being over.

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While Charles Xavier was enforcing The Dream on another world, he took control of a planet to prevent the destruction of the timeline. This led to Ironfire having to keep him busy while Sinister made it to the lab. 

Here, he and Moira fought before coming to a standstill. While thinking Sinister was going to end the timeline, he instead activated his Hellfire Failsafe. 

The Hellfire Failsafe would kill every mutant in the galaxy, collect their psychic energy and give it all to Sinister, allowing him to reach Dominion-hood. 

A Dominion is defined as the ultimate stage of a galactic intelligence, usually reserved for artificial intelligences, it is essentially becoming a god.

Sinister had felt he had made it, but learned quickly that someone else had done so. And it wasn’t him.

With this huge question still lingering, and Sinister having had his head cut off, Moira restarted the timeline just before Sinister compromised everything.

He began to download the details of the timeline, and in doing so, not only destroyed all of his clones, but brought back Rasputin IV, who he had tried killing in Immoral X-Men issue 3.

Rasputin brought Sinister to the Quiet Council for judgment, and revealed she had help from Mother Righteous. 

As of now, there is no indication that the Quiet Council knows that Mother Righteous is a clone of Sinister, which will likely lead into the Fall of X, coming this summer.

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