Wyoming Study Away for Summer 23

by Emmy Dolin ~ Guest Writer

The Taj Mahal in the distance (Photo by The University of Lynchburg)

The University of Lynchburg will host a domestic study away opportunity to Wyoming this summer where students will have the chance to search for dinosaur bones and learn about the research process.

The trip will run from June 19  to Jul 13, 2023.

In order to participate each student was required to submit an application. Some students applied for a grant, and the recipients had to undergo an interview process for selection. 

Dr. Brooke Haiar, the lead professor for this trip said, “I love being in the field in Wyoming. I like introducing students to new experiences and getting to share that with them.”

Over the years, the study abroad program has endured significant changes. The outbreak of COVID-19 led to the cancellation of faculty-led programs in 2021. 

The Lynchburg study abroad program offers trips to worldwide destinations, including Australia, Italy and Mexico.

Anna Terrell ’25, who will have her first study away experience said, “I would like to do more trips because, before this one, I was interested in the Bahamas trip for coral research.” 

The University of Lynchburg Study Abroad Program provides an array of options for students, including study abroad, domestic study away, international internships and service abroad programs.

Dr. Haiar explained, “I’ve been taking University of Lynchburg students since 2008 and have been working on this site since 2006.” 

Students have the flexibility to choose from various program formats, such as short-term faculty-led programs, semester-long programs, or academic year programs. To learn more about these opportunities, visit https://www.lynchburg.edu/academics/center-for-global-education/study-abroad/


Center for Global Education (CGE) 

Hopwood 017

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Phone: 434-544-8742

Email: studyabroad@lynchburg.edu

Anna Terrell ‘25

Email: terrela457@lynchburg.edu 

Dr. Brooke Haiar

Email: haiar@lynchburg.edu 

“Study Abroad.” University of Lynchburg, www.lynchburg.edu/academics/center-for-global-education/study-abroad/

“Lynchburg Group Explores India’s Culture, Religions, and Monkeys.” University of Lynchburg

7 Mar. 2023, www.lynchburg.edu/lynchburg-group-explores-indias-culture-religions-and-monkeys/

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