Lynchburg Photographers For Hire

Written by Ali Morrison ~ Assistant News Editor

Students pictured from left to right Jacquelle Coles, Caroline Gerke and Em Maxey.

It’s officially graduation photography season and the Critograph wanted to showcase the photographers who celebrate the season with our seniors.

However, finding a photographer in Lynchburg can be difficult. 

Why not try these student photographers?Check out these three amazing photographers:

  1. Jacquelle Coles

Jacquelle Coles is a senior photographer. She is a nursing major with a minor in human services and works with the university for photography. 

Coles’ photography business, Reeves Legacy Photography, specializes in just about everything. For graduation, Coles has multiple packages for graduates that varies based on time, amount of backdrops, outfits, and the amount of photos received from the photoshoot.

Coles says,“My goal is to capture special moments so they can be remembered for a lifetime. While I provide a variety of photography services, I enjoy the experience of creative studio and outdoor portraits. I love graduation photoshoots as we are able to tell your story through pictures. I am able to capture pictures to represent your accomplishments while having fun.”

More information about Reeves Legacy Photography can be found here:

  1. Caroline Gerke

Caroline Gerke is a graduate student that has been at Lynchburg since her freshman year of undergrad. Gerke is a student of Business Administration and worked for LHSN as an undergraduate. 

Gerke’s photography for the school mainly focuses around sports, as she does the photography for the Athletics Department as well. Gerke’s photography does many things, from personals to families. Her work also includes graphic design. 

Her packages for graduation vary based on the amount of people in the group, and all of them have a time limit of 90 minutes. Gerke says,“I encourage graduates to bring things like books, jerseys, stethoscopes, anything that relates to their time at Lynchburg so that we can incorporate those things into their photos as well. Once we hit my few staple spots and poses, we will then go to specific locations that the graduates may want to go to, otherwise we adventure around the dell and choose spots based on lighting and time of day!”

More information about Caroline Gerke Photography can be found here:

  1. Em Maxey

Em is a junior photographer majoring in art. Maxey does a lot of work with the Arts department and photographing their various events and exhibitions. Maxey’s business is titled Moonstone Studios, and the photography style is more artistic and creative, Em’s emphasis for their clients is on having the client be their most authentic selves in a photoshoot. 

While Maxey does not have a graduation package, they have a very detailed set-up to where the client can choose just about anything they want for their graduation. Price ranges are based on the amount of people, outfit changes and location changes as well. Maxey takes into consideration the vibe that a student is looking for. From lifestyle to glamor, Maxey wants to know the vision that you may have for your photos. 

Maxey says, “My sessions are pretty laid back. I give the option for the person to pose how they feel comfortable or I can suggest poses… I want the sessions to feel personal, because they are.” 

More information about Moonstone Studios can be found here:

While these three students have very different photography styles, each is skilled and will bring graduates dreams to life!

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