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The anticipated “Super Mario” movie released last week on April 5, and has broken box office records within the short time it has been released.

The cast of this animated movie consists of Chris Pratt as the fan favorite hero, Mario. Jack Black played the villain Bowser and many other incredible actors were also cast. 

Even though the movie was targeted towards a younger audience, it was still enjoyable for any age. For the younger audience, there was plenty of humor and silly moments to keep their attention. 

The overall plot of the movie was very simple to follow, while also staying true to the video games as source material.

For audience members who grew up with the Mario games, there were plenty of easter eggs for them to enjoy. 

When Mario begins a fight with Donkey Kong, the arena they are staged in resembles the Donkey Kong arcade game. In addition to this there were many more subtle easter eggs. For instance, a pack of Yoshies running in the background of a scene. 

While the movie was enjoyable, the best parts of it had to have been the voice actors themselves. Many fans were scared about how well the movie would do when they first heard Chris Pratt would be the voice of Mario, and while it still was not the best, the other actors were exceptional. 

Jack Black captured the voice of Bowser perfectly, matching the energy the villain gives in the game. In addition to this, he got his very own musical number in the movie, which had the theater erupting in laughter. 

Other actors of note were Seth Rogan, who played Donkey Kong, and Anya Taylor-Joy, who voiced Princess Peach. Neither of these actors did anything extra to their voice, yet both of them were able to play their roles perfectly. 

The movie has already broken several box office records and has even been said to already be nominated for a few movie awards.

The “Super Mario Bros.” movie is in theaters now and is a wonderful movie for all ages.

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