Fall of X: A Horrible Summer for the X-Men

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

Image from https://www.marvel.com/articles/comics/fall-of-x-everything-revealed-at-megacon-2023

With “Sins of Sinister” coming to an end, Marvel has been slowly revealing the next big event for the X-Men, which comes in the form of the “Fall of X”.

For the past few years, the mutants of the Marvel universe have seen a period of peace. However, nothing good can last, as it seems another extinction event is coming for the mutants.

Not much has been revealed about this next phase, however, several titles have been revealed, most of which seem to point to a power imbalance in the structure of the nation of Krakoa.

Many books like “X-Force” and “Wolverine” will continue, along with the X-Men line. Fans will also get to see a new Uncanny Avengers team, made up mostly of mutants. 

Several books have also been announced, including “Astonishing Iceman” which will follow the omega level powerhouse on his own adventures and go beyond his limits. 

“Realm of X” will follow Magik and Mirage as they attempt to escape an Asgardian realm. However, a new team of X-Men will also emerge, with a much darker band of mutants.

 Image found at https://www.marvel.com/articles/comics/fall-of-x-dark-x-men-steve-foxe-jonas-scharf 

“Dark X-Men” is rumored to take place after the main team of X-Men take a massive defeat at the hands of their enemies. The new team, assembled by Madelyne Prior, is composed of former X-Men: Havok, Archangel and Gambit, as well as former villains, such as Emplate, Azazel, Zero, and Wolverine look-alike, Albert.

With such an unpredictable team, there is some worry about whether or not they will fill the gap left by the X-Men, or if they only make things worse for the mutant nation. Regardless of the answer, this will be one series fans will not want to miss.

The “Fall of X” will begin this August after the harrowing events of this year’s “Hellfire Gala”.

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