Izzie Kirkwood ~ Intern

Priority week at the University of Lynchburg is off to a slow start despite administration’s Lynchburg Cares incentives. 

The Priority Survey originally sent out on February 24th is meant to compile data from students that will help the university improve both student life and academic success.

According to an email by President Alison Morrison-Schetlar, this survey is a key component for the university’s upcoming accreditation review for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Some of the main topics of this survey include questions relating to financial needs, campus security, academic advisors and the knowledgeability of the faculty and staff.

While the results of the survey could greatly improve campus life, students have indicated that it has not been advertised in a way that is accessible. 

There is also a time commitment of about 15-20 minutes to complete the survey, which could be inconvenient for the majority of students, especially those who are studying for midterms and finals.

Abigail Lawrence, a CA for the university, said, “It would take time that I don’t have.”

When interviewing students about their knowledge of this survey, 4 of 5 admitted that they had never heard of the survey before, let alone filled it out. 

An intern for the research center, Emily Brown, added, “It is not a priority, even though it’s called priority week.”

For each survey completed, there was also supposed to be a $1 donation sent to the Lynchburg Cares Fund, which offers financial aid for students in times of need.

The last day for students to complete the survey is Sunday, March 5th. 

To complete the survey, students can visit https://survey.ruffalonl.com/#/entry/sps/3720/53458/dtwkw3vo131

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