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Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania officially came into theaters on Thursday, February 16th, and will continue to be shown in movie theaters around the world. 

While there is not nearly as much hype for this movie as there was for Spiderman No Way Home or for the newest Dr. Strange, Ant-Man’s franchise is quite important to a multitude of series and movies. With this spoiler-free review, you can decide whether Ant-Man is worth your time or not. 

To start, the soundtrack and the graphics are middle of the road at best. The soundtrack is exactly what you expect. 

It’s not a legendary music playlist like Guardians of the Galaxy, but the music in and of itself is generally good. For the most part, the graphics are good. There were some moments that were a little much, as in it almost looked like a video game instead of a real life movie. Despite this, the graphics do not distract from the plot of the movie. 

In terms of casting, there are no big surprise cameos that have importance in the Ant-Man series. No Matt Murdocks in this one, sorry. There are a couple of celebrity cameos that get a few “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd, but no big surprises on the casting front. 

I will say, I was a little disappointed by The Wasp’s place in this movie. The movie is called Ant-Man and The Wasp and yet, I almost forgot that she was even there. Her role is not nearly as central as the name describes it to be, which seems like a slap in the face to Hope. 

Now, to get to the real plot. Don’t worry, still no spoilers for this one. There are some plot holes, as is the case with any Marvel movie. 

Like usual, there are those moments that don’t make a ton of sense, or there are ideas that are thrown into the air with little to no resolution. However, these plot holes don’t leave a bad taste in the mouth or overtake the plot. 

This movie is really funny. It has good jokes and funny characters, as well as funny moments. But, this comedy does not detract from the seriousness of the issue at hand, being Kang. Unlike Thor: Love and Thunder, there were a lot of jokes, but the issue and the conflict between Kang and the Ant-Man crew was still serious. 

Lastly, the post-credits; There are two, a mid-credit and a post-credit. In both of these teasers, there are many different implications for both the Ant-Man series, as well as other series that Kang is involved in. 

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