Lynchburg students gear up for midterms 

Izzie Kirkwood ~ Intern 

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As spring break approaches for students at the University of Lynchburg, many people are beginning to study for their midterm exams that will take place in just a few short weeks. 

To prepare for these exams, students are starting to pick up many different strategies, tips and tricks to help them study. 

Khyrstian Powell, a senior, has more semester-long projects to work on instead of traditional exams. 

Many students, including Powell, become distracted easily when attempting to study. Powell resists this by studying with her peers in order to keep her focused. 

“I thrive on social pressure,” she said. “My friends can sit with me and do nothing, but when they know I’m not doing anything they can help me out.”

While many students plan on returning home or simply relaxing after midterms are over, student athletes have different plans for how their spring break will go. 

“I don’t get a spring break,” said Michael Kraus.

Kraus, who is a junior on the lacrosse team, will not be getting a reprieve from lacrosse while his friends celebrate the end of midterms over spring break. 

“We’re going to go fly to Boston, fly to Baltimore and just play some lacrosse,” said Kraus. 

Because of this Kraus has started preparing for midterms earlier than others.

“Compared to my friends who aren’t athletes and plan to begin studying about a week before exams, I started studying two or three weeks in advance. I’ve started paying more attention in class, and small things like that will go a long way,” he said.

Midterms will take place from March 6th to March 10th; following that, spring break will occur from March 11th to March 19th. 

Classes will resume their usual schedules on Monday, March 20th. 

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