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Photo from Professor Ursula Bryant taken on April 28, 2022. The University of Lynchburg’s graphic designers are working together in Schewel Room 111 to work for real life companies. 

On April 27, 2022, Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Ursula Bryant hosted a Design-a-thon, where many graphic design majors completed projects for local companies. 

Bryant said, “This event was a really great outreach opportunity for students to work for real life clients. It is very satisfying for our students to complete work for nonprofits, the University community organizations, and small local businesses.”

Caroline Gerke, a senior graphic designer, said, “I am working for Dive into the Hive. I am working on logos and brochures for this organization. The details of this organization include that the University of Lynchburg Student Development is launching a summer program, Dive into the Hive, which are early engagement opportunities for the incoming first year students. There are six types of programs in this organization. It would be great to get a brand or logo for the overall program and then a brochure that can be distributed in Enrollment or mailed out with orientation materials.” 

Destiny Ledee, a junior graphic designer, who also attended this event created a design package for Wild Response

Ledee said, “Wild Response has a logo, the start of some of their marketing material, and they recently upgraded their website. However, Wild Response needs to add one page and improve one page. They would love to create more email blitz flyers, paper marketing, business cards, TSHIRT and swag products, social media ads, photos, fundraiser, volunteer recruiting plantlets, and pamphlets about their intern program for special force veterans to heal with nature and help saving endangered animals.” 

Jarrett Murano, a senior graphic designer, worked on a suite for the Music Department who  needed a logo for apparel. 

Similarly, Sha’mya Jones, a junior graphic designer, added she was at the event to help the Student Activities Board’s (SAB) “Dellchella”, and  Isaiah Brown, a junior graphic designer, added his purpose of the event was to design for the Latyaklens since the photography company needed a new sophisticated logo. 

If you are interested in learning more about graphic design, please visit Graphic Design Minor – University of Lynchburg to learn more. 

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