CSA’s  Electric Game Night

William Masselli ~ Editor-in-Chief

Photo: Photo taken by William Masselli on April 22, 2022. CSA President Lillian Smith is entertaining her guests and ensuring they all have a good time. 

On April 22, the University of Lynchburg’s Commuter Student Association (CSA) hosted an end of semester game night at the Commuter Student Center

The event had an electric atmosphere due to the wide variety of video games, snacks, the ability to win prizes, and the large number of people at the event.

Commuter Student Association President Lillian Smith co-hosted this event with Hannah Belyachi, the president of the eSports Club. 

Smith said, “Inspiration for the event came down to making the CSA lounge available for more commuters to come and visit if they had not before and to welcome in non-commuting students for a night of fun with games and snacks. As well we as CSA were excited to partner with the eSports Organization to provide a wider variety of game options for attendees.” 

Smith was pleased with the success of the event. She said,“Most definitely the event was a success! We had a great turnout containing a variety of campus students and everyone played games and won some really cool prizes.” 

“Personally my favorite part of the event was seeing how excited and invested attendees were when playing games. Everyone got really into trying to win the game they played along with collecting as many tickets as possible to exchange for prizes. Having the ability to provide an enjoyable night for individuals is the best feeling ever,” said Smith.

Everett Nsoesie, a groundskeeper and communication studies alumni said, “The energy there was electric and just wonderful.” 

If you are interested in either attending or getting involved with the CSA, please contact Lillian Smith at smith_le@lynchburg.edu

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