Changing the Human Experience at Lynchburg

By: Zach Bennett ~ Guest Writer

The University of Lynchburg will implement an new undergraduate course, Introduction to Applied and Public Humanities for the upcoming 2022 fall semester. 

The implementation of this course is in efforts to better develop a well rounded humanities graduate from the University.

APH100W: Introduction to Applied and Public Humanities will be the first course within the new Applied and Public Humanities minor, with APH200: Digital Humanities to be offered in the spring semester.

This minor will contribute to the already existing list of 51 undergraduate majors and 62 minors offered by the University. 

Dr.Robin Bates, an English professor within the Humanities department, helped to jumpstart this new program for students.

“I would love to see this program help the humanities continue and help further build our community engagement,” stated Bates.

Bates noted that the program was built around the idea of professionally focused humanities, such as public history, which ultimately contributes to helping  students figure out career paths within humanities.

The particular introductory level course will include learning skills that allows students to put together a portfolio consisting of assignments involving blogs, podcasts, and other multimedia elements.

The process of creating the program was really put into swing once they received feedback from students on their specific interests.

“We felt we needed to make sure that this could be something students can just pick up one course in and not have to take the whole minor,” said Bates.

This unique opportunity is what sparked interest amongst many students including junior data science major, Molly Shand.

“I saw the email sent out a couple weeks ago and thought it might be something beneficial especially since I have credit hours to fill,” said Shand. “Knowing how to write for any particular audience is an important skill, no matter the job field, so I knew this course was a great opportunity to learn that.”

For more information on the Applied and Public Humanities minor, contact Dr. Robin Bates at or visit

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