New Normal Move in Magic

Faith McCray ~ Copy Desk Chief 

Photo of “Tate Hall Station Four” sign signaling where families unload their cars taken by Faith McCray on Aug. 17, 2022.

The University of Lynchburg was buzzing after welcoming the Class of 2026 with the first traditional restriction-free  move-in week since 2019. 

Students from across the country started moving into student housing on Aug. 17, 2022 and continued to do so through the weekend. 

Jack and Caroline Marotta, local Lynchburg twins, moved in with the help of their mother, Katie Marotta. 

“I’m excited about getting away from home for a little bit,” said Jack, who is a sports management major and a member of the swim team.

Mother, Katie Marotta was feeling enthusiastic about her children moving onto campus and starting a new chapter of their lives. 

“I think they’re in good hands. I hope they make lots of friends, have lots of fun, and get a degree,” Marotta said. 

August temperatures made moving in an extra hot job this year, so Residence Life provided students, families and student move-in volunteers with free Kona Ice. 

Tammy Trapp, mother of freshman Amanda Trapp said, “The move-in process went great and the Movers and Shakers are amazing. The Kona Ice helped too.” 

Some first-years like Jack Marotta are happy to be away from home, while others like Alex Dinardo are feeling a little more nervous. 

“I’m nervous to be away from home, but I’m excited to make some new friends,” Dinardo said. 

Dinardo’s mother, Darlene, reassured her that she would adjust quickly and not be homesick. “Go have fun and make some memories,” Dinardo said. 

Students have come to the University for a multitude of reasons. Austin Riney chose Lynchburg over his other choices because he is on the baseball team and enjoys the culture and atmosphere of campus. 

Riney’s roommate, Evan Mace is a legacy student. “Both of my parents came here and they both had awesome things to say. I’m excited to meet new people, start playing baseball and get my degree,” says Mace. 

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