Photo retrieved from H. Francis Bush, PhD, CPA – University of Lynchburg on May 3, 2022. Bush will be retiring at the end of this semester from the University of Lynchburg 

William Masselli ~ Editor-in-Chief

On May 17, Dr. Howard Francis  Bush, Chair of the Accounting Department, will retire from the University of Lynchburg. 

He earned his Master of Accountancy degree from Ohio State University, and he earned his Doctor of Philosophy-Business Administration degree from the University of Florida

“From the start, I was asked about Lynchburg relative to my experience at other schools.  I would always respond with a question about which was better – steak or an ice cream sundae.  Lynchburg would be and has been the finale to my career, bringing forth more challenges to be faced.” Bush said,  “Lynchburg provided an opportunity to teach upper-level courses again, MBA courses, online courses, and yes even hybrid courses in a mask.  I have had minor administrative duties and have gained many insights in University life.  But dessert is still part of the meal.  So as in every one of my teaching experiences it always comes back to the student.  They bring energy to the classroom and other learning environments and I must return it in kind.” 

Besides being an accounting professor, Bush is also an avid supporter of  campus clubs and organizations.

“As a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, one of the other professional business fraternities, I know the value professional fraternities have to offer our students.  Hence, I have always been a major supporter of Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) here at the University.  Although we are a small school, we enjoy a wide range of students with an even wider set of attributes and interests.  I cannot know how each member made the choice to commit and get involved with DSP, but as always, I enjoy the opportunity to exchange energy with its members.  But as an advisor, I had the opportunity to share my experience as well.” 

As for retirement, Bush said, “I have not made significant retirement plans.  There are several ongoing issues that will need to be determined before I make my final plans. Hence, the immediate plan is to stop.  Very simple, but difficult to do.  For now, I plan to stay in the area. I have my basic support group, my church, and my training facilities.  I run on the 10-miler route; I bike on the Blackwater Creek Trail, and I swim at the downtown Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). I am making no other commitments yet. Although I love it here, my children and grandchildren live in different states. When the time comes, many of the senior members of my family will head to Chattanooga where my daughter lives.  As for Greek life, if there is a call, I will most likely answer because the men of Phi Kappa Tau, and their colleagues in every Greek-letter group, have shown me such kindness and have given me so much energy.” 

Professor Kevin Arrington, one of Bush’s colleagues in the School of Business said “I will miss the bowties! In all seriousness, Bush has been a great mentor to me since I began teaching at UL two years ago. Although I am an experienced teacher, Bush offered the appropriate amount of advice, guidance, and freedom for this point in my academic career. He is also quite active with several campus organizations, and has worked hard to connect accounting students with internships and post-graduation jobs.” 

Arrington added, “Bush was a great hire for UL! He brought many years of teaching experience from several universities, most recently VMI. Hiring a Ph.D. in accounting can be a challenge, so it was a coup to get him here. The measurement of a professor’s “mark” on a university must always start and end with the impacts on students’ lives – both academically and personally. Many students were positively affected by his tenure at UL; the accounting department will be challenged to fill the void left after Bush’s retirement.” 

If you are interested in learning more about Bush, please visit H. Francis Bush, PhD, CPA – University of Lynchburg. 

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