The University of Lynchburg Hosts Sub Contest

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On April 13, The University of Lynchburg Dining Services will be judging the final contestants’ annual build your own sub contest entities.

According to the Dining Services’ Instagram page, submissions began on March 25, 2022, and submissions were no longer taken on April 1, and judging began on April 4. 

Caitlin Grell, the student nutrition assistant for Lynchburg Dining Services, “This tradition has happened before at Lynchburg but we are bringing it back. We attempted to hold it back in 2020 but due to Covid- 19 that was not able to happen. So last year was the first time we have held the contest since 2015 and it was a hit! We are back for the Second Annual Sub Contest this year and want to keep the tradition going as long as we can.”

Grell added, “The contest date is April 13th at 5 pm in Westover (Drysdale). Our judges will be taste testing 5 subs, 4 decided by student votes, and the 5th a judge’s choice. Our prizes include 1st Place 32″ Flatscreen, Sub Master Shirt, and sub featured in Westover as a special. 2nd Place is A Drone and 3rd Place is a Hammock. We also have lots of other free swag to give out for anyone that attends the contest!”

Grell also added that there were 74 entries, which has been the largest number of submissions in the contest’s history. 

Judges also appear to be eager and cheerful about the sub contest. 

Michial Neal, Dining Services co-Director and chef, said he was the most excited about seeing and tasting the new sandwiches. Neal added that the judges will determine the winner by making the sandwiches from the submitted recipes and are graded on a scale from one to five based on appearance, taste, and overall reception; which then is used to determine the best score. 

To learn more about the sub contest and to find out the winner, visit @universityoflynchburgdining on Instagram!

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