Chaos in Brooklyn 

Photo of the Brooklyn Subway shooting in Brooklyn, NY on Tue. April 12, 2022. Photo retrieved from

Hunter Epperson ~ Copy Desk Chief

On Tuesday, April 12, CNN and The New York Times announced 16 people were injured and 10 people shot after a shooting in a Brooklyn subway car.

According to Mayor Eric Adam in the New York Times, “a man in a worker’s vest put on a gas mask, opened a canister that filled a subway car with smoke, and then opened fire, the police said; surveillance cameras that could have captured the shooting were not working.”

NBC News noted that authorities confirmed that the shooting occurred during rush hour on Tuesday morning in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, and the suspect is still on the loose. 

New York authorities said they are looking for a 5-foot-5 man and 180 pounds who was wearing a green construction vest during the attack, and are currently still in search for the suspect. 

According to BBC, “ten of those who are being treated for injuries were shot, while others suffered smoke inhalation as well as injuries sustained during the initial panic. 

Five people are in critical but stable condition. None of the injured are believed to be in a life-threatening condition, police said. Officers are still working to establish a motive for the attack.”

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