Honoring Sean Williams

William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Photo: Photo retrieved from Tanner Wynne at wynnet599@lynchburg.edu on April 10, 2022. 

Phi Kappa Tau is celebrating the life of their brother, Sean Williams, by holding a volleyball tournament. They are selling shirts to raise money for his plaque. 

The Phi Kappa Tau chapter at the University of Lynchburg is raising money to commemorate the life of their brother, Sean Williams.

James Cardenas, a senior and member of Phi Kappa Tau reflected on this relationship with Williams. He said, “I met him when I was a freshman, and after I met him as a freshman, we became part of the same fraternity. I know him on a very personal level. He was a very strong, emotional speaker who was able to connect with others. He was always a helping hand to people, not just the fraternity itself, but to others as well.”

   Cardenas also noted, “Sean Williams enjoyed writing poetry. On the plaque we are going to get for him, there is a line or two from one of the poems he has written in the past.”

Cardenas wants people to understand what this death means so all University of Lynchburg students can form takeaways, stating, “Definitely making note of the events that happened in the past is important. We hold a tight bond with the people in our fraternity, and we are willing to show our love for our members. This death is more than just a death.” 

Vice President of Phi Kappa Tau-Zeta Epsilon Islam Abed gave other details about Williams’ death, stating, “May 18 will be the one year anniversary for Sean, and we are working on donating for charity in honor of Sean. Also, we are working on getting the funds up for the tree in honor of Sean which will be something for everyone on campus to be able to go and visit.”  

Abed talked about fundraising goals, stating, “Fundraising for Sean Williams is going great because we are just trying to raise as much money as possible.” 

Abed wants people to attend the volleyball memorial tournament, stating, “People should participate because it is for a good cause. Let us go out there and remember Sean. There will be a dunk tank, food, and a volleyball tournament, so please feel free to come.” 

   If you have any questions or want to support Phi Kappa Tau, please contact Wynne at wynnet599@lynchburg.edu

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