Mystic Magic: Detox Masculinity

By Em Maxey ~ Staff Writer

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The true witch’s brew of mystic magic, handcrafted by Grace Cavanaugh, has been blissfully passed down into my ownership. I simply hope to live up to the expectations artistically set in place by the witch that wrote before me. 

This week, I would like to introduce a concept of balancing energies. Like yin and yang, feminine and masculine energy create a balance within the universe. 

Without association to gender identity or presentation, feminine energy is a representation of intuition and creativity, whereas masculine energy is a presentation of action and logic. Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy, but the issue is finding a balance that works for you. There is a greater yin where the energy released is perfectly feminine and a greater yang in which the energy is entirely masculine. There are a variety of mixtures of the two energies that can lead to finding balance. 

So how does this tie into toxic masculinity? Toxic masculinity, by definition, is the cultural expectation of a man to strictly show masculine traits and avoid displaying feminine attributes, and refers only to mens’ actions and emotions. Toxic masculinity can lead to a number of psychological harms including depression, poor body image, stress, substance abuse, and social functioning issues. There are wounded traits that the energies show that are a result of social or environmental constructs. Wounded traits are often associated with toxic masculinity in the way that they are the traits that come as a result of inner fears of masculine energy such as abuse, control, dominance, aggression, and avoidance. 

The main way to eliminate toxic masculinity is to be informed and open to conversation on how to change this perspective. Other very important steps are to eradicate bias towards masculinity and the energy it holds. People must avoid teaching young boys they are not allowed to show emotion, pay attention to the entertainment consumed by the youth, stay positive, and do not give up on people or the movement. These few actions alone will not stop this idea plaguing our society, but men will have to do most of the lifting in order to continue the downfall of these toxic traits.

So men, stop being so masculine (masculinity in itself is a social construct created to govern the way men are allowed to act), allow yourself to be vulnerable, educate others, and speak up. Remember, this is a revolution. 

From your witch next door, this week’s tea, made with all natural ingredients. 

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