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Florida is known for its crazy news stories and the Mystical Florida Man, which is something I can probably write an entire book about. The Florida Man we’re spotlighting today is not a crazy criminal, he is the eye witness of one of the most interesting UFO sightings, Ed Walters.

Ed and his wife Frances were your normal everyday Floridian folk, living in the little town of Gulf Breeze. But in 1987 something happened to Ed that made him become one of  the UFO world’s most credible eyewitnesses. 

When a craft came down and began to hover over the road in front of his house, Ed took a picture, resulting in what you see above. He also claimed that the craft hovered over his yard and shot a blue beam at him that cemented his legs to the ground and nearly evaporated his wife. 

When this blue beam came into contact with Ed, he claimed to hear the plans of the aliens in the ship before blacking out. He then woke up on a beach with sand in his mouth. Believing to be a victim of an abduction. But these sightings weren’t just exclusive to Ed, the entire town of Gulf Breeze had UFO fever, with a city council member claiming to have seen a craft in 1988. 

After these experiences, Ed and Frances wrote a book titled “The Gulf Breeze Sightings”, which had every detail about the Walters’ case. The book ended up becoming a major success, and due to its popularity as well as the convincing images the Gulf Breeze incident, is one of the most popular stories of UFO sightings to date. 

But seeing isn’t always believing. Like many other UFO cases, this one has been called out to be a hoax. With Ed and his wife writing a fantastical tale and taking a few long exposure photographs of a model found in the Walters’ home.

The model of the ship. Photo from retrieved from Alyson Draper 

Ed Walters seemed to know what he was doing, as UFO sightings are considered social phenomena, with one person reporting an initial sighting and others following suit. Which in turn made the Gulf Breeze area a hot spot for spotting glowing orbs in the sky. 

In the end, Ed ultimately won over critics because even if the sightings and photos were hoaxed, the man ended up walking away with a lot of book money. 

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