Mystic Magic: The Grand Finale

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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

     I am getting a little emotional writing this.

     I have been writing Mystic Magic for…three years now. It all started when I wrote my first article on Tarot cards and common misconceptions, and it has been a wild time since.

     As I am graduating later this month, this will be my last opinion article. I have learned so much writing Mystic Magic, and I have had such a good time over the years. I wanted to leave some witchy tips for my last article, so here you go!

     1. Carry some crystals. Even if you are skeptical, it does not hurt to buy some rocks and carry them around. Keep some quartz in your car. Put a piece of tourmaline in your pocket, or on your doorframe. Hematite is great for clearing negative spaces. Sleep with some quartz under your pillow.

     2. Go outside. If you are feeling down or trapped, open your window or take a barefoot walk around your yard. Grounding yourself with nature can help with stress and anxiety, and it can clear your head.

     3. Read a book. Even if it is not witchy or for research, find a genre you like and a well-recommended author and read something. Pick up a manga or graphic novel and look at the pretty pictures. Read a novel that your favorite show is based off of. Support Givens and buy a book about the crystals you got from Grounded Earth.

     4. Take a quiet moment for yourself. You do not have to meditate, but pulling up a nice playlist or guided meditation could be useful. If you are having a rough time, or a great time, or any time at all, stop yourself and pause. Breathe in and out and savor the moment around you.

     5. Believe in yourself. You have gotten this far, and while you are taking a moment to yourself, recite some positive affirmations. Mix some manifestations in clockwise with your morning tea or coffee. You do not need to be a witch to bring good things into your life.

     It has really been an honor writing for you all these past three years. I am going to miss Mystic Magic from the bottom of my heart.

     As my last goodbye, thank you all for reading. For my witches out there, remember to always do your research, protect yourself, and cross check your sources. To everyone, drink lots of water, get some sleep, and good luck on your finals.

     Goodnight, goodbye, and blessed be.

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