COVID’s Impact On Local Nonprofits

A 990 form- a form used by nonprofit organizations when filing earnings and other financial statements. Photo retrieved from

Hunter Epperson ~ Staff Writer

The coronavirus continues to linger in the Lynchburg community even though thousands have received vaccinations and is still impacting local nonprofits such as the University of Lynchburg. 

  Nationally, there has been a strict enforcement of social distancing policies and many nonprofits were forced to cancel fundraisers, which were their primary sources of income to keep their organization operating.

  The pandemic has highlighted the financial plights of many nonprofits in the Central Virginia region as they struggled to stay open, this led to a rise in nonprofits applying for financial aid, said Dr. Jimmy Roux, president of Central Virginia Academy for Nonprofit Excellence (CVANE). 

     Roux said the qualifications were based on several factors, including the organization’s size, the nonprofit’s category (education, etc.), and their financial history, to name a few. 

     One local nonprofit organization, the University of Lynchburg, “received $400,000 through the  state to make alterations and adjust,” said Steve Bright, chief financial officer of the university. 

     The aid received from the state allowed the university to pay students who used work-study for financial needs, the university to pay employees unemployment due to the pandemic, and to make the campus returnable by implementing preventive measures. 

     However, the pandemic has also impacted nonprofits financially and helped nonprofits improve in other ways. 

     In the long run, the pandemic has caused many nonprofits, like the the University of Lynchburg, to rethink and reorganize their operation and fundraising by making nonprofits get creative to earn money, said Roux. 

     The pandemic has taught these nonprofits that strategic planning and digital marketing are key players, said Roux.

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