Five for the Hive

Construction on Shellenberger Field of the renovated scoreboard. Photo credit: TJ Harvey.

TJ Harvey ~ Guest Writer

     If you walked by Shellenberger Field lately, you might have noticed the construction at the scoreboard. The University of Lynchburg has come up with a plan called “Five for the Hive” to help renovate the athletic facilities on campus. 

     “The scoreboard project is one of the Five of the Hive projects. We are making a commitment to upgrading the athlete and student experiences at each of home athletic venues. The scoreboard represents the beginning of this project and there is something for Turner Gym, baseball, softball, and tennis. Those five represent the five on campus competition venues,” said John Waters, director of Athletics. 

     The hope is that updating the facilities on campus comes with its perks of an increase in fan engagement and an increase in recruitment for the athletic department.

     “We really tried to look at some different ways to enhance the student athlete experience, enhance the fan experience at our venues. We have amazing teams and the coaches have done such a great job with the program. Unfortunately, our athletic facilities are older so they are not really modern. Ultimately we hope to do a brand new Wakefield House concept and have venues that match the success of our teams,” said Waters.

     James Sprecher, director of Track and Cross Country, admires the idea. “I think it will add a special element to our home meets. Not only we can put the results on the board, with a lot better graphics compared to the old one. Overall, it will be a great addition to the fan experience.”

     Treshanda Crawford, a senior track & field athlete, agrees as well.  Crawford said, “I do believe it will help with the fan experience because of all the new features, especially now with Westover having balconies and outside seating, the collaboration will be a drastic change”. 

     The hope is that after the scoreboard project is done, it will start to get used everyday. It would not be just for games, but since it is in the center of campus, it will provide messages about events and updates that can be broadcast out to the campus.

     “I am grateful for it! It is going to be so beautiful and it honestly needed to be done. I am also amazed at how fast it was put up,” says Crawford, providing her opinion on the scoreboard renovation.

     As of March 25th, the first Five for the Hive project should be fully operational within the next 10-15 days.

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