University of Lynchburg Women’s Field Hockey Fields Victory During Pandemic

Photo of University of Lynchburg Women’s Field Hockey Coach Enza Steele. Head Coach Steele is a hall of fame coach who has won over 600 games during her four-decade tenure. Her brilliant coaching has led to her players stealing victories from prestigious programs like Washington and Lee in the 2021 season. Photo retrieved from

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist

     The University of Lynchburg Women’s Field Hockey Team has been enjoying an undefeated season. 

     Laurel Nicks, the senior goalkeeper of the team, is enthusiastic about their undefeated season. She said, “We are trying our best to enjoy this odd season and make the most of it. We have been developing our skills. I believe we have a good chance of winning the ODAC.”

     Head Coach Enza Steele believes that her team is playing at a championship caliber level. She said, “The team has been working hard and adjusting well to all the restrictions we have had. This has led the players and coaches to prepare for competition in a safe environment. Practices have been very upbeat and challenging for everyone. We are playing well just like ODAC Champions need to. Our experienced returners and talented first year class have set high standards for themselves.”

     Steele expressed how much the win over Washington and Lee meant to her program, stating, “Our win against Washington and Lee was a spectacular game. We dominated the first half, but our opponent scored two late goals to force overtime. I was ready for overtime. I did not hesitate on who would be in the game for overtime because we were only allowed six field players. I set up a penalty corner option for us. After one minute of overtime, we entered the opponent’s circle and were awarded a corner. Jackie Lerro shot from the left, and Aaryn Boatwright cut towards the keeper. Ultimately, Aaryn Boatwright pushed the puck past the opponent’s goalkeeper for the golden goal. It was so exciting!”

     Steele showed appreciation to her fans. “The team and I are always excited to play at home where so many of our fans watch our games,” she said. “The huge home field advantage that our fans give us is what makes coaching at the University of Lynchburg so special. We are one big family. Even though we love and miss our fans, my players are intrinsically motivated which means they play for the internal reward they receive from playing the sport they love.” 

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