Bobby Neravez’s New Album “Patiently Waiting”

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Gannon Vitelli ~ Breaking News Editor

     Junior Bobby Nevarez released a new EP called “Patiently Waiting” nine days ago. Making music has been a time-consuming activity for  Nevarez , but he found that a busy schedule has forced him to find time to focus on schoolwork. 

    Nevarez said, “When I first felt what I felt from music I knew I wanted to commit my life to pursuing it.” He has been singing ever since he was a kid, and knew this was not just a hobby, but something he was going to take seriously while balancing school and sports.

      Nevarez  is also on the track and field team at the University of Lynchburg which takes up a good portion of his time. He said, “Balancing my ambition [for] music with track and school is a constant learning process.” He explained he works better under pressure and this type of schedule has forced him into a routine.

      The recent project he released features six songs and was put out on Jan. 29, 2021. He spent time in quarantine and made a spontaneous decision he was going to record a small EP.  Nevarez said, “When I was in isolation I had a lot of emotion and time. I set up my mic in the kitchen and ended up recording ‘Love Your Touch’ and ‘Boom Bap is Back.’”

     Making music is a process and all artists do it differently. When  Nevarez  decided he wanted to write a song he usually would grab his guitar or ukulele and create a chord progression. After humming out a few melodies he writes down lyrics on his phone.

      His peers have spoken very highly of his energy and music. Robbie Magalong, one of his friends that produces music for him, said, “You can tell he has musical talent because he not only creates music that sounds good but creates a good feeling in you.” There has been positive feedback from those who have listened to his recent EP and  Nevarez is grateful for those who have listened.

     Magalong said “This is just a sneak peak of what Bobby can do”. There is a belief that Bobby is just scratching the surface of what he can do. Robbie expects a lot more good music that is coming.

     Nevarez  is gearing up for his debut album, and he cannot wait to share it with his friends and fans. Those who wish to listen to his new EP can stream it on SoundCloud. His SoundCloud name is “Bobby N.”

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