Watch With me: Fall 2020 Anime Previews

Cover art for the first Volume of the Jujustu Kaisen Manga by Gege Akutami.

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

     October marks the start of the new anime season for Fall 2020, and while that sounds like it is a while away, it will approach as quickly as midterms. So, for this issue, I looked into some of the upcoming anime and will be talking about some of those that caught my attention.

     Firstly was an anime called “Jujustu Kaisen.” A supernatural anime that deals with dangerous and ancient demons as spiritual powers, Jujustu may be a great anime to start around the Halloween season. This show centers around Itadori Yuji who acquires supernatural powers through plot means and uses his new strengths to battle Curses, supernatural manifestations of negative emotions, alongside his new partners.

     Next is the new season of the Volleyball anime “Haikyu!!” It’s hard to talk about this one without spoiling all the previous shows, but if you want a wholesome and motivational show, now is a great time to binge the previous seasons. The show follows the journey of the boys volleyball team of Karasuno High. It is a show of teamwork and determination that is incredibly emotional and motivational without feeling like it is geared solely for children.

     The third season of “Golden Kamuy” is also on my list. The show has explored the adventures of the Immortal Sugimoto and Asirpa. The former is a Japanese war veteran of the Russo-Japanese war and the latter is a young Ainu woman. The two of them are on the search for a fortune of gold left being by the Ainu people. The show features action and comedy and hints at the importance of preserving and respecting native cultures.

     In a darker tone is “Ikebukuro West Gate Park.” This show follows Makoto as he tries to navigate the gang life slowly encroaching around him. This is exceptionally difficult because his best friend, King, is the leader of said gang. This show will bring in a touch of romance and mystery to its grimey substance and offer a bit more grit than the others previously mentioned.

     These are just four of the numerous anime being released around the first week of October, and do not begin to cover the genres and types of shows. To check out the list for yourself, visit Do not forget to also check out the movies and specials in the linked tabs as well.

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